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CTF Calls for Convicted Politicians to Lose Pensions in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) urged the Saskatchewan Government today to copy a piece of legislation being considered in Ottawa; Bill 518, the Protecting Taxpayers and Revoking Pensions of Convicted Politicians Act. If passed, the legislation would strip federal politicians of their golden pensions if they are caught stealing or committing serious crimes while in office.

CTF to Premier: Better Late Than Never!

Ontario TORONTO, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is applauding Premier Kathleen Wynne's announcement on Monday to create a dedicated fund from existing gas taxes to pay for new transportation infrastructure.

Sign our Petition calling for the revoking of pensions for convicted MPs & Senators!

Federal MPs and Senators should not collect their Parliamentary pension if convicted of defrauding taxpayers. SIGN OUR PETITION!

Order a copy of Tax Me I’m Canadian! (New Edition)

Author Mark Milke (Fraser Institute) has revised his best-selling book with 80% new material.

Federal: No Pensions for Politicians Who Steal

When an MP or a Senator is convicted of stealing money and abusing the trust of taxpayers while they are sitting in the Parliament of Canada, they should forfeit their right to collect a gold-plated Parliamentary Pension. Sign the petition

Federal: National Referendum on Abolishing the Senate

The Canadian Senate is neither elected nor accountable to Canadians. For nearly 20 years, politicians have dragged their feet on Senate reform. Sign the petition

Federal: Put Parliament's Expense Receipts Online

MPs and Senators should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers with how they spend taxpayers' money. Sign the petition

MB: Reverse PST Hike

Petition to stop the Manitoba government from raising the PST. Sign the petition

BC: Post MLA expenses online

British Columbia
We demand that British Columbia's MLAs fully disclose their expenses online. Sign the petition

Federal: Lower gas taxes & dedicate them to roads

Require the federal government by law to continue dedicating all gas and diesel taxes to roads. Sign the petition

Federal: Balance the Federal Budget

Since 2008-09, the federal government has run five successive deficit budgets, adding more than $150 billion to our federal debt. Sign the petition

NS: Balance the Nova Scotia Budget

We the undersigned, demand the Nova Scotia government honor its commitment to balance the budget in 2013-14 Sign the petition

AB: No Tax Hikes!

In August 2011 Premier Redford committed in writing, if elected, her government would balance the budget by 2013 without raising taxes. Sign the petition

Federal: Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans

Federal, Saskatchewan
Taxpayers can't afford to keep paying billions of dollars each year to bailout government employee pension plans. Sign the petition

MB: Eliminate bracket creep

Manitoba is one of the few jurisdictions in Canada that unfairly taxes citizens through a back door form of taxation known as bracket creep. Sign the petition

SK: Debt Free Saskatchewan

From 2012 to 2017 the Saskatchewan government plans to repay a mere $400 million of provincial debt. Sign the petition

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Recent Media

Mike Duffy and the future of the Senate

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas is interviewed by the Fifth Estate as part of its program on the Mike Duffy expense scandal and its impact on the Senate and Conservative government.

2014 Teddy Awards

The CTF hands out its 2014 Teddy Awards honoring the best of the worst of government waste.

Fat tax for Manitoba?

CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig releases documents obtained through Freedom to Information showing the Manitoba government has consideied implementing a fat tax which the government referred to as a "junk food tax" or a "Healthy Living Levy."

CTF releases report on the costs of Victoria's new sewage treatment plant

CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman describes the rapidly increasing costs for the Victoria sewage treatment plant. He says taxpayers will be hit with significant tax increases to pay the bill.

Two Senators charged with defrauding taxpayers

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas reacts to the RCMP formally charging two senators for fraud. Gregory called for a Senator or MP's pensions to be revoked if the individual is criminally convicted of defrauding taxpayers.

Time to reign in government worker pension plans in Saskatchewan

At a Regina news conference, Prairie Director Colin Craig calls on Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall to continue the reforms of NDP leader Alan Blakeney and convert the remaining defined benefit pension plans to defined contribution plans.

CTF calls for audit of Winnipeg's new police headquarters

In a joint news conference, the Winnipeg Labour Council and Canadian Taxpayers Federation call for an audit of the new Winnipeg police headquarters -- currently $75 million over budget.

Alberta's debt spiral

Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt discusses the provinces return to debt and the ramifications for future taxpayers.

CTF releases information on cost of 'Building Alberta' Signs

Using Freedom of Information, the CTF discovered in 2013, the Alberta government spent $1 million on 293 advertizing its Build Alberta campaign.

CTF release costs of Building Alberta signs

Document obtained by the CTF through Freedom of Information shows the Alberta government spent over $1 million on 293 Building Alberta signs.

2014 Year End Taxes

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation releases data on tax increases Canadians can expect to pay in 2014.

Bluenose rebuild massively overbudget and behind schedule

CTF Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey releases document obtained through Access to Information showing the rebuild of Bluenose II is now three times over budget and years behind schedule. And there is no end is sight.

More questionable spending at Red River College

A Freedom to Information request by CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig uncovered more questionable spending by the president of Manitoba's Red River College.

CTF EI report exposes staggering usage in rural Newfoundland

Despite a booming economy, a report on Employment Insurance released by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows massive EI claims in Newfoundland particularly in rural areas.

Questioning Senate's audit costs

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas comments on the costs associated with the recent audit of the expenses of Senator Pamela Wallin. The audit costs were higher than here ineligible expenses. Gregory says Canada's Auditor General could have done the audit saving taxpayers the money.

BC Ferries Executive Overboard Salaries

CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman presented 3,200 signed petitions to the B.C. Government, calling for executive salary and bonus rollbacks.

Is Manitoba PST hike legal?

Using an FOI request, Prairie Director Colin Craig uncovered documents suggesting the Manitoba government's decision to raise the PST in July was illegal.

Big Incomes in Manitoba's Social Housing

Prairie Director Colin Craig releases data obtained through Freedom of Information showing Manitoba's social housing is renting to people earning in excess of a $130,000 a year. Social housing is intended to help low income earners.

Why is the City of Calgary funding anti-oil activists?

CTF Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt released information received via a Freedom of Information request showing Calgary taxpayers paid $340,000 to the Pembina Institute -- an activist organization opposing Alberta's oil sands. Ezra Levant slices through Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi's feeble attempts to justify the spending.

Why are Manitoba's hospital cafeterias losing money?

Prairie Director Colin Craig releases data showing cafeterias in most Manitoba hospitals are losing money. Why does one hospital actually make money?

Was Nova Scotia government planning to hike recycling fees?

Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey releases a secret discussion paper leaked to the CTF, that suggests the Nova Scotia was considering hikes to numerous recycling fees. Caught off guard by the leak, the government has since stated it will not be hiking fees.

Three-story Duffy balloon visits Regina

As part of its national campaign calling for a referendum vote on the future of the Senate, the CTF's three-story Mike Duffy balloon visits Regina.

Petition opposing PST hike in Manitoba

Prairie Director Colin Craig presents 8,000 name petition of people opposed to Manitoba's PST hike that came in effect July 1, 2013.

Duffy Balloon visits Regina

As part of national campaign calling for a referendum on the future of the Senate, the CTF's three-story-tall, Duffy Balloon visited the Regina legislature on July 25, 2013.

Let Canadians vote on the future of the Senate

Federal Director Gregory Thomas is interviewed on the CTF's call for a national referendum on the future of the Senate.

CTF calls for a national referendum on the Senate

With a two and half story balloon of Mike Duffy as a backdrop, Federal Director Gregory Thomas calls on the Federal government to hold a national referendum or whether or not Canada should abolish the Senate. Thomas said the referendum should be held at the same time as the next federal election to save on costs.

The impact on BC taxpayers of selling liqufied natural gas overseas

CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman is digging into the impact on taxpayers and local natural gas buyers of selling liquified natural gas overseas. On the July 4 episode of Voice of B.C., he posed the question to Natural Gas Minister Rich Coleman and, on the July 10 episode, to NDP critic John Horgan.

CTF's Debt Clock Visits Prince George

After 30 cities and three weeks, B.C.'s Debt Clock made its final stop in Prince George July 10.

CTF's Debt Clock visits Kelowna

B.C.'s Debt Clock visited Kelowna July 4 and made quite an impact on taxpayers.

CTF's 2013 TaxFighter Awards

On June 20th, 2013, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation inducted Preston Manning, Lee Morrison and Werner Schmidt into the TaxFighter Honour Roll for their steadfast commitment to MP pension reform. Combined these three men will have foregone $3.7 million in pension payments because they stuck to their word and stayed out of the pension plan.

CTF's Debt Clock visits Kamloops

The CTF's Debt Clock visits Kamloops, B.C. as part of its provincial Debt Clock Tour. Residents react to the province's staggering $57 billion debt which is increasing at $214 a second.

Exposing British Columbia's Debt Problem

Jordan Bateman and the B.C. Debt Clock visit Global's BC1 Top Story to point out just how expensive the provincial debt is becoming.

Taxpayers pay bureaucrat's property transfer tax and realty fees

B.C.'s new police watchdog Richard Rosenthal got his property transfer tax and realty fees paid by taxpayers. CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman was stunned by the amounts.

Big Liberal Pay Raises in BC

On her first day back, Premier Christy Clark was defending her decision to give big raises to key political appointees.

BC mayors and councillors waste tax dollars

Why were regional mayors and councillors -- living within 45 minutes of Vancouver -- staying overnight at fancy hotels on the taxpayer dime during the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference?

Manitoba's PST hike will hurt business

A number of business groups and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have joined together to express their concerns about the damaging effects the proposed rate hike in the Manitoba PST will have on the economy.

Why are taxpayers subsidizing housing for the wealthy?

Using Freedom of Information Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt discovers people earning as much as $172,000 a year are living in taxpayer subsidized housing.

Why are Manitobans moving to Saskatchewan?

Prairie Director Colin Craig releases data showing Manitobans are moving to Saskatchewan in droves. He says Saskatchewan's lower taxes is a contributing factor.

Both MPs and Senators should post their expenses online

CTF federal Director Gregory says both MPs and Senators should be required to post their expenses online. Gregory says its hypocritical for MPs to criticize Senator expenses when MPs are keep their expense claims hidden from public view.

Maritime gas taxes are too high

Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey states Maritimers pay too much in gas taxes.

How to increase accountability for Senators' expense claims

In this interview, CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt states one of the best ways to make Senators and MPs more accountable is by posting their expense claims online.

Manitobans protest PST hike

Manitobans gather in front of the provincial legislature to protest the government's planned PST hike.

Post Senator Expenses Online

Federal director Gregory Thomas discusses questionable Senator expenses. Gregory says the solution to the problem is forcing Senators and MPs to post their expenses online.

High Gas Taxes Driving British Columbians South of the Border

CTF BC director Jordan Bateman says British Columbia's high gas taxes are causing people to go to the US to buy gas. He made the remarks as part of the CTF's annual Gas Tax Honesty Day held May 16, 2013.

BC Election Results in Costly Municipal Byelections

The B.C. election saw several mayors and councillors move into the Legislature – now taxpayers are on the hook for a series of by-elections. But CTF's Jordan Bateman points out there is one Mayor/MLA elect, Penticton's Dan Ashton, who won't be a burden for taxpayers. From CBC News, May 15, 2013.

Questionable Senate Expense Claims

CTF Research Director Bergamini discusses the questionable expense claims made by Canadian Senators and provides a solution on how to fix the problem.

Manitobans protest PST hike in front of legislature

On May 2, 2013, angry Manitobans gathered in front of the provincial legislature to protest the proposed PST hike. During the provincial election campaign, Premier Greg Selinger had promised he would not raise the PST.

Alberta government considering raising beer taxes

The Alberta government is considering raising taxes on beer brewed outside of Alberta by small and medium sized brewers. Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt comments.

Growing opposition to PST hike in Manitoba

Opposition is growing towards the announced PST hike by the Manitoba government. What is particularly irking to taxpayers is Premier Selinger promised not the raise the PST in order to get elected.

Taking a closer look at the BC NDP's proposed tax hikes

CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman vettes the NDP's proposed tax hikes and digs into gold-plated MLA pensions and other politician perks.

Retiring BC MLAs win $21 million pension lotto

The CTF has calculated MLA pensions -- and 21 retiring MLAs will cost taxpayers $20 million in pension payouts.

Manitoba Hydro spends money to defend spending

Manitoba Hydro is taking to the airwaves to defend $20 billion in new spending. Prairie Director Colin Craig says instead of advertizing, Manitoba Hydro should be asking taxpayers if they want to be involved in this very risky investment that depends on U.S. buying electricity.

Why would anyone oppose financial accountability for Indian leadership?

Native protestors showed up at news conference announcing the passing of Bill C-27. The protestors opposed this bill because it will require Native Chiefs and councilors to be more accountable and transparent about their salaries.

Bill C-27 Brings Transparency to Spending on Indian Reserves

CTF attends news conference announcing the passing of Bill C-27 that requires Indian Bands to post their financial statements and Chief and councilor salaries online.

CTF discussed in Alberta Legislature

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Scott Hennig, VP Communications and Derek Fildebrandt, Alberta Director were discussed in the Alberta Legislature surrounding the Alberta government's initial refusal to allow the CTF into the pre-budget lock up.

Only 20% pay TransLink fare evasion fines

After virtually ignoring fare evaders for decades, TransLink is seeing less than 20% of people pay their fare evasion fines. CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman says it's going to take a while for fare evaders to "unlearn" this behaviour.

Questionable expenses by President of Red River College

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released FOI documents showing Manitoba's Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth expensed $205 for golf shoes, her driver's license, a bag at the Vancouver Airport for $134 and a number of expenses for her BMW; car washes, insurance, winter tires, a GPS, etc. Prairie Director Colin Craig comments.

What should be done with Pacific Carbon Trust?

CTF B.C. Director Jordan Bateman and independent Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson have been fighting the wasteful Pacific Carbon Trust for a long time. Jordan asked Bob if he agrees with the CTF position that the Trust should be killed outright.

Private and public sector pay in Alberta

Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt debates the problem of the huge pay gap between public and equivalent private sector employees.

2013 Teddy Awards - complete verision

Full Version of 2013 Teddy Awards, honouring the best of the worst of government waste.

2013 Teddy Awards

The CTF's Annual Teddy Awards honoring the best of the worst of government waste.

Alberta government backs down, lets CTF into prebudget meeting

For the first time in 20 years, the Alberta government had decided not to allow the CTF into a pre-budget meeting to view the budget documents before they were released. However, after the story of the CTF's banishment gained media traction, the Alberta government relented and allowed Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt to attend.

CTF Locked Out of Alberta Budget Briefing

For the first time in 20 years, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was locked out of the Alberta Government's budget briefing. Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt comments.

Will Premier Wynne fulfil her promise to balance the Ontario budget by 2017?

CTF Ontario Director Candice Malcolm discusses expectations of Ontario's new premier Kathleen Wynne. Prior to being elected, Wynned promised to balance the Ontario budget by 2017.

Denmark's failed fat tax experiment

With groups proposing governments implement a tax on items deemed fattening, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation invited Jens Klarskov -- head of Denmark's Chamber of Commerce -- to tour Canada explaining Denmark's failed fat tax experiment. Denmark had implement a tax on fattening foods and repealed it one year later.

Discussing Alberta's fiscal mess

CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt discusses Alberta's fiscal mess and Premier Redford's plans to address the province on TV to discuss the problem. The live address will be paid for by taxpayers.

Transit Police officer left explosives on a commercial jet liner

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's B.C. Director Jordan Bateman uncovered a frightening incident where a Transit Police officer left explosives on a commercial jet liner following a dog training exercise -- and didn't notice for two full days. Global News, January 21, 2013.

Should politicians moonlight on the public dime?

CTF Research Director Nick Bergamini comments on politicians charging fees to speak at events.

Alberta Premier calls economic summit to discuss Alberta's future

CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrant's address to the Premier's Economic Summit. He says the Alberta government must cut spending to return the province back to a sound fiscal footing.

Ontario loses millions in tax dollars annually to sale of contraband cigarettes on reserves

CTF Alberta Director Derek Fildebrandt discusses the latest report showing the Ontario and federal governments are losing as much as $1.2 billion in tax revenue annually due to the illegal sale of contraband cigarettes on Indian reserves.

What do Chiefs' earn?

Prairie Director Colin Craig discusses the various components of Chiefs' salaries.

How much is Chief Redman earning?

Prairie Director Colin Craig breaks down the salary of Chief Redman of the Standing Buffalo Reserve in Saskatchewan. Though the band has only 443 people, Redman pulls in a salary greater than the Prime Minister of Canada.

B.C.'s Year End Tax Changes

B.C. Director Jordan Bateman discusses the numerous tax increases taxpayers in British Columbia will face in 2013.

Secret tax increase in Manitoba

Prairie Director Colin Craig discusses the annual secret tax increase implemented by the Manitoba government because of "bracket creep."

Federal bureaucrats costs Canadian taxpayers $114,000 a year

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas responds to a report that each bureaucrat in the federal government costs taxpayers on average $114,000 annually.

Alberta government finances were in trouble before the flood

With looming costs due to the recent flooding in Alberta, CTF Alberta director says the government can't blame the flood for its fiscal problems, because those problems were there long before the flood took place.
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