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CAMPAGNE: AB: No tax dollars for pro sports arenas

The owners of the Calgary Flames want to build a new NHL arena and sports complex for their teams. Unfortunately they want taxpayers to foot a big chunk of the bill.

CAMPAGNE: Fair Government Pay & Pensions

The average Alberta bureaucrat costs taxpayers $102,000 a year, and 10.3% more than the equivalent private sector worker. Bringing these salaries and benefits in line with the private sector would save taxpayers $1.4 billion a year.

CAMPAGNE: Scrap the Carbon Tax

By 2018, the carbon tax will cost the average family with two children over $600 per year, just for driving their kids to school and themselves to work.

AB: No New Tax Powers for Cities without Referendums


Sugar taxes don't work

December 07, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) responded today to yesterday’s call for a new 20 per cent tax on sugar-sweetened drinks by the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention by reminding lawmakers that such taxes don’t work. View More

Feds stonewall release of Bombardier emissions analysis

November 30, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released Access to Information (ATIP) responses today that indicate the federal government gave Ford $102 million earlier this year without conducting any emissions impact analysis. A second ATIP response indicated the government is refusing to release emissions analysis for the recent $373 million Bombardier deal. View More

Teacher 'Pay Freeze' to Cost $200M+

November 22, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released freedom of information responses and analysis today that shows the reported teacher “pay freeze” in Alberta will actually cost taxpayers well over $200 million in teacher pay hikes over the next two years. View More

Kudos to Councillor Farkas

November 02, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) applauded new Calgary city councillor Jeromy Farkas today for refusing council’s golden pension plan and the large goodbye cheques (transition allowance) council members receive if they quit or are defeated. View More


Notley could cut spending without major service losses

December 12, 2017
The Notley government has suggested they had no choice but to triple the province’s debt and increase spending. If they didn’t, the government claimed they would be forced to fire teachers and nurses, and make “reckless cuts to social services.” But that's just not true... View More

Good and bad in Alberta job numbers

December 08, 2017
Alberta’s NDP has been trumpeting the claim that Alberta’s economy has seen an increase of “ 51,000 new jobs over the past year.” While there are some positive signs in recent job figures for Alberta, when one looks at the big picture, there is also cause for great concern. View More

Taxpayers need return policy for politicians

December 01, 2017
Wouldn’t it be nice if politicians came with a return policy? Fortunately, such a tool exists and it has been in place in British Columbia for decades. It’s time for Alberta to follow B.C.’s lead and pass something known as recall legislation. View More


Report on Saddledome options

November 15, 2017
What's the cost of fixing up the Saddledome? I still don't know, but the City of Calgary gave me a report that looks at turning it into a convention centre, recreation complex, etc... View More

Is Alberta going back into debt?

November 30, 2012

After previous Alberta politicians worked hard to get Alberta out of debt, it seems Premier Alison Redford has decided its time for the province to start borrowing money.

View More

Alberta tax dollars used to support the province's Conservative party

November 27, 2012

Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt comments on news Lynn Redford -- the sister of Alberta Conservative Premier Alison Redford -- used her position in the Alberta government to make donations to the province's Conservative party. The donations were made by the government department she worked for.

View More

CTF 2017-18 Pre-Budget Submission to the Government of Alberta

February 02, 2017
'Lifting the Burden: A roadmap for balanced budgets and tax relief in Alberta' calls on the government to balance the budget by 2019-20, pay down the province’s $28.4 billion debt as soon as possible, scrap the carbon tax and other tax hikes, and make meaningful reductions to spending. View More

CTF submission to Alberta Royalty Review panel

October 01, 2015
The CTF is happy to take part in ongoing stakeholder sessions for Alberta's Royalty Review panel. We surveyed our Alberta supporters to deliver their feedback to the panel. The overwhelming response we received was that royalties should be left alone. Our survey responses and a snapshot of the diverse responses we received are outlined in our submission to the panel. View More
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