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Debt Clock Tour 2016

June 6, 2016
Debt Clock Tour 2016

We’re taking our debt clock on a cross-country tour this summer to help raise awareness about the huge federal debt burden Canadians face – and the Trudeau government’s plans to add even more.

Federal Director Aaron Wudrick, along with various other CTF directors, will be posting regular updates from the road as they visit 9 provinces over six weeks in June and July.

To see the tour schedule (updated regularly) click HERE.

You can also catch updates on the CTF’s Facebook page as well as on Twitter through @taxpayerDOTcom and @awudrick using the #DebtClockTour2016 hashtag.

Track the National Debt Clock live

Want to know exactly where the National Debt Clock is as we travel across the country? The National Debt Clock is now equipped with GPS tracking technology that allows you to login to a website and watch the debt clock in real time on a map.

You can follow the Debt Clock on the map below. This is a live feed.

Please note: Though the map should appear immediately (hit refresh if you don't see it) it takes the widget about 30 seconds to pull in the data on the Debt Clock's locaton from the satellite.

The CTF would also like to thank Russ Salo at for donating the GPS tracking device and software that allows taxpayers from across the country to follow the Debt Clock as it makes its journey across Canada. If you want more info on the GPS technology, check out the GPS to Go website:

News Releases

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Launches 2016 National Debt Clock Tour

The CTF today launched a six-week, nine-province tour of its National Debt Clock, in order to raise awareness about the rising public debt burden faced by Canadians, and calling on the federal government to return to balanced budgets as soon as possible. View More
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