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Campaign: Abolish Parliamentary Expense Scandals

Recent scandals involving expense claims by Senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau, and Mac Harb could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Campaign: FED: Balance the Budget

Canada’s federal debt is growing at a rate $80 million per day. This level of borrowing is costing Canadians not just the principal, but additional interest each year.

Campaign: Fighting for First Nations Accountability with Charmaine Stick

Campaign: No Carbon Taxes!


Federal: No Federal Carbon Tax

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Federal: Enforce Transparency for First Nations

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Federal: End Corporate Welfare

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Federal: Stop the Employment Insurance Rip-Off

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Federal: National Referendum on Abolishing the Senate

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Federal: Re-negotiate Equalization

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Federal: Put Parliament's Expense Receipts Online

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Federal: Lower Gas Taxes & Dedicate Them to Roads

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Federal: Aboriginal policy reform

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Federal: Balance the Federal Budget

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Federal: Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans

Federal, Saskatchewan
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Canadians paying $1.4 billion each year in gasoline tax-on-tax

May 18, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the federal government to end the practice of applying the HST/GST after provincial and federal excise taxes have already been charged. This practice of “tax-on-tax” was highlighted as part of the CTF’s 19th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day, with press conferences held across the country from Calgary to Montreal. View More

You’re Almost Out of Time to Read the Income Tax Act Before Filing Deadline

April 26, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is reminding Canadians that with only a few days left to the April 30 midnight income tax filing deadline, it may already be too late to try and read the federal Income Tax Act. That’s because it’s 3,164 pages long – that’s 1,055,652 words – and would take the average reader more than 58 hours to read (not that many would want to). View More

CTF Releases New Study on the Greening of Corporate Welfare and the Costs to Come

April 25, 2017
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today released a new study warning that corporate welfare giveaways are growing and increasingly justified as green initiatives. The study, entitled Corporate Welfare Cash: 21st Century Justifications and Billion-Dollar Bills to Come, looks at trends in corporate welfare since 2000 and shows governments are racking up huge bills as traditional corporate welfare is shifting towards an increasing number of green initiatives. View More

What does Canada get for being on the UN Security Council?

May 19, 2017
Foreign travel. Embassies. Contributions to international organizations. Few people would claim that international diplomacy is going to be cheap. But with recent news that Canada is gearing up for a potentially expensive campaign to secure a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2021, it’s fair for Canadians to ask: just how much is this special effort going to cost, and what precisely does Canada gain if it wins? View More

Morneau's Missed Chance Should Concern Canadians

March 24, 2017
Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveiled the Trudeau government’s second budget this week, and in many ways it wasn’t a new budget at all, but just a clarification of many measures from last year. In some ways, that’s a relief, because last year was a veritable spending spree, with Morneau plunging the country into a $23 billion deficit (a far cry from the Liberals’ promise of three years of ‘modest’ $10 billion deficits) and didn’t even provide a plan on how they would climb out of it – ever. One can be forgiven for bracing for yet another multi-billion increase in the deficit. View More

Will Morneau Give Us A Balanced Budget Plan?

March 07, 2017
In the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals campaigned on a simple fiscal plan. You could like it or not (and we at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation certainly did not) but at least it had the benefit of clarity: if elected, they would run three years of “modest” deficits, which in their interpretation meant no more than $10 billion in the first year and less in the next two, followed by a return to balance. View More

Are First Nations leaders obligated to provide transparency?

March 02, 2017
Charmaine Stick is preparing for a trip. She’ll leave her kids with a babysitter and drive six hours from the Onion Lake Cree Nation to Regina. She’s not catching a concert or going to the spa. She’s going to a courtroom to hear lawyers argue over a question she raised: Do First Nations leaders have an obligation to publish basic financial documents such as their salaries and the band’s audited financial statements? View More


Capital gains tax from the sale of your primary residence?

April 10, 2017
We’ve received a few emails recently from people concerned that they now have to report the sale of their home when filing taxes. The concern is that this may mean the government is looking to charge taxes on the money you make when you sell your home. View More

Canada's Pension Problem

December 04, 2012

A plain English video about a complicated matter - expensive government employee pensions costing Canadian taxpayers a fortune!

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Tax on the menu: Why taxing food and drink won’t make Canadians thinner

November 25, 2013
The CTF report titled: Tax on the Menu: Why taxing food and drink won’t make Canadians thinner. But will make their governments much, much fatter looks at dozens of peer-reviewed academic studies plus ample real world evidence from around the globe proving food taxes of all kinds are entirely ineffective in reducing obesity. View More

2013 Federal Pre-Budget Sumission

November 20, 2013
After five years of profligate spending, the Conservative government of Stephen Harper did a decent job keeping a lid on spending in 2012-13. However, more will need to be done if the government is going to keep the promise they made in the 2011 election. View More
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