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Here Comes Trudeau’s Carbon Cops

December 09, 2016
Here Comes Trudeau’s Carbon Cops

Justin Trudeau’s climate change plan just keeps getting worse for Canadians.

It’s bad enough that he is forcing British Columbia to hike its carbon tax by 60 per cent, while the rest of the world rejects the idea. Reliably Democrat-loving Washington State voted down a carbon tax last month and US president-elect Donald Trump has already ruled out a national tax. Australia and France have scrapped their carbon taxes. We’re boldly going where no one else is bothering – all to address our miniscule, 1.65 per cent share of global carbon emissions. (Image: Keystone Cops:Wikipedia)

Now Trudeau is bragging about the bureaucracy his plan will beget. The government plans to unleash thousands of carbon cops across Canada. Buried in a 209-page document of environmental red tape to be discussed by Trudeau and the provincial premiers this weekend are a dozen words that will cost taxpayers millions: “Compliance and enforcement will create thousands of new jobs across the country.”

That’s right – thousands of new government employees, paid by your tax dollars, policing carbon emissions and making sure people are installing double-glazed windows, driving less, and following the hundreds of other policies in the report. Or, if these new compliance jobs are forced on the private sector, it will mean higher consumer prices and housing costs. Pick your poison, Canadians: higher taxes or higher prices.

Amazingly, this is listed in the report by the Trudeau government as an economic benefit.

The climate patrol is referenced in a section on energy-efficient building codes. The report itself admits that adopting such a code will trigger a “20% increase over average commercial construction costs.” (The section also applies to high-density residential, so it’s safe to presume the same cost hike will apply to condos.)

Again, that will drive up the cost of consumer goods and services, and housing. Any suggestion that these buildings will make up for that initial expense with lower energy costs is wishful thinking – Vancouver’s natural gas ban will force people here to use much more expensive electricity to heat the buildings. There will be no savings – just more costs for consumers.

This 209-page report is staggering in its impacts, costs, red tape and pure ludicrousness. Taxes, fees, levies, government intervention in agriculture, transportation, construction, reducing forestry: it’s all there, right down to red tape restricting the diets of methane-spewing cattle and new government rules on how to manage farm manure.

You can see why Trudeau will need a climate police bureaucracy to enforce all of this. There won’t be a single part of life that won’t be more expensive and more difficult.

Contrast that with Australia. Our friends down under brought in a carbon tax in 2012 and repealed it two years later. During that time, it cost the Australian economy $16 billion and four political party leaders lost their jobs over it – this according to Chris Berg, a senior fellow with Australia’s Institute of Public Affairs, who spoke in four Canadian cities this week as part of a Canadian Taxpayers Federation tour.

“We were told we would lead the world, but it didn’t look like the world was interested in carbon taxes,” Berg told Postmedia editors in Calgary. “The idea that anything we in Australia could do to make a legitimate impact on climate change was fairly ludicrous … Climate change is a global problem, not a regional problem.”

Berg is right. The rest of the world aren’t interested. And neither Australia, with 1.5 per cent of the world’s emissions, or Canada, with 1.65 per cent, is going to make any difference.

It’s time for Trudeau and the premiers to scrap this plan for higher taxes and more red tape before they do irrevocable economic damage.

By bil
on December 11, 2016
Of course" it is time" to scrap the Carbon Tax Jordan, but I fear that our PM and Premiers have no problem "tilting @ windmills." Heck in ON, according to our own Auditor, our government has wasted 10's of Billions of $ in the past, with many more to come in the future, due to her faulty and mismanaged Green Energy plans. The Premier of AB crushed an CA economic engine, creating a $10 billion annual deficit. And as you pointed out our PM indicated, “Compliance and enforcement will create thousands of new jobs across the country.” High paying jobs that will be funded by the CA taxpayer, to police a tax, that will in fact, discourage jobs for CA's who are desperate to work. Would be wonderful if our PM got the cover of Time magazine asap, so that he would reconsider giving $$$,that we do not have away all over the world, while pandering for a seat on the UN Security Council... an often questionable organization at best. And as far as policing policies, I suspect that consumers are doing as much as possible to reduce their carbon footprint because of the sky rocketing costs of energy. Unless of course you are the Premier of ON who wants to jet to Paris twice in a week to celebrate carbon reduction. Or, a PM who owns a $1 million gas guzzling Benz and is looking forward to an expensive refitting of an indoor pool @ 24 Sussex. Or, the environmental darling of the CBC who owns 3 homes, and is hired by the ON government to be in ads that state the obvious, buildings / homes pollute. Macro to Micro, during this holiday season, go out, deplete all your bank accounts, max all your credit cards, and get a reverse mortgage on your home... and see how that works out for you. "Earth to Canada's Leaders... the budget begins with the brain!" Unless you are fortunate enough to have a healthy trust fund.

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