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Gas Tax Quotes

Gas Tax Quotes

Gas taxes and Municipal Roadway Trust

“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been working for four years on its Gas Tax Honesty Campaign to force the feds to end highway robbery ... [with] sensible ideas, and better than some big cities’ proposal that they be allowed to simply hike gas taxes themselves.”

-- Editorial, Toronto Sun, May 2003


“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation suggested this week that Ottawa should treat gas tax revenue like a user fee … we agree!”

-- Vancouver Sun, May 2001


“Mr. Martin must now cast around for ways to make his gas tax sharing proposal more concrete. He may want to explore the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s suggestion that Ottawa create a Municipal Roadway Trust … The plan offers one well-thought-out way to get this mix right. It deserves Mr. Martin’s full consideration.”

-- Lead editorial, National Post, June 2003


“This [Gas Tax] report from the CTF underscores our campaign to find new, sustainable sources of revenue for Canada’s major cities. The federal government has taken long enough; its time for them to start giving some back.”

-- Mayor Mel Lastman, City of Toronto, May 2002


“I join with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to hit home the message that our travelling public is getting hosed by the taxman.”

-- Linda Leatherdale, Columnist, Toronto Sun, May 2002


"Having a dedicated tax, or a trust fund such as the one recommended by the CTF, would force governments to put that money where it belongs.”

-- Editorial, Winnipeg Sun, May 2002


“Each time you step on the accelerator, fresh gasoline tax dollars flow into Ottawa’s humungous revenue tank … The CTF proposes setting up a Municipal Roadway Trust … the resulting $6.6-billion would be a good start – similar to the US National Highway Trust – the money is spent on pavement, not pork barrels.”

-- Brian Lewis, columnist, Vancouver Province, May 2002

You have the power to change who influences politics in our country: big unions, big corporations and government-funded special interest groups can be challenged by the contributions of thousands of individual taxpayers who care to make a difference.



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