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Bad Press

Bad Press

Not if our name is spelt right. The CTF revels in negative publicity and attacks – especially from politicians and public figures. In fact, we consider it a badge of honour. If we’re getting under the establishment’s skin – we’re doing our job! Here is a collection of some of our favourites. We have substituted “[CTF]” where a CTF director’s name may have appeared in the original transcript.

University instructor equates CTF with murderers

“A self-appointed lynch-mob – also sometimes known as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.”

--Stephen Kimber
Rogers Communications Chair in Journalism
University Kings College
Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 21, 2010

Shrill, Obnoxious, and Relentless

“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is shrill, obnoxious and relentless. It panders to the angry, the cynical and the embittered. It treats free-market capitalism as religion and taxation as the great Satan.”

--Scott McKee
Edmonton Journal columnist
March 2010

An implacably hostile constituency

“The tax cuts offered in the NDP’s platform are so puny they will spark peals of laughter in the offices of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and other minions of tax rage. Why does the party even bother trying to appease this implacably hostile constituency.”

Buzz Hargrove on the NDP’s 2000 federal election platform
Globe and Mail
August 9, 2000

Breathe In … Breathe Out

“It’s a scam. It’s a fundraiser. That’s all it is. They will latch onto whatever will raise money. If something raises money – it’s fair game. Whoever gives them money, they call a member. If that’s the criteria for membership, the panhandler on the street must have an awfully big membership.”

-- Liberal MP and government House Leader Don Boudria, hyperventilating, and commenting on the CTF’s “Principles before Pensions” campaign, August 1998

Half would be sufficient

“There are people that won’t be happy. Some of the goofballs that run the Taxpayers Federation, whatever, won’t be happy until every civil servant is laid off and they’re not paying any taxes, I guess. I don’t know what the hell they think the world is going to look like, but they’re not going to be happy till then.”

– Hon. Lloyd Snelgrove, President of Treasury Board, March 2009.

Calling the Kettle Black?

“A Stalinist-style organization.”

-- Former BC Federation of Labour boss and now President of the Canadian Labour Congress, Ken Georgetti, in describing the CTF in correspondence, May 1997.

Compliment or Insult?

“They’re a bunch of right-wing wackos.”

-- Then Minister and soon-to-be Premier Glen Clark commenting on a CTF report documenting the growth in government agencies, September 1994.

Pressure Boils Over

“It is blatantly unfair for a group of Brownshirts to attack individual Members of Parliament.”

-- Reform MP Jim Hart commenting on the CTF’s “Principles Before Pensions” campaign on CBC Radio, August 1998.

Testy, Testy

“I challenge [the CTF] to quit robbing the old senior citizens of their money to generate this kind of fear and so on to gather collections for this taxpayer cause … spreading these kind of stories that we’re wasting taxpayers’ dollars. I find that highly offensive.”

-- Alberta Premier Ralph Klein reacting to the CTF’s campaign to reform MLA pensions. April 1993. He would later retract the statement.

On Corporate Welfare

“ … if we ask the Federation … to pass judgment on ACOA, it would be like asking Count Dracula to manage the blood bank.”

-- Minister responsible for ACOA, George Baker, commenting in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, on a CTF report detailing $2.6-billion handed out by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, May 2002

Better Out To Lunch, Than Out Of Work

“They’re out to lunch.”

-- Former BC Premier Mike Harcourt on the CTF on BCTV, September 1994

Caving in?

“I don’t remember electing [the CTF]. But any time [they] suggest cutting a government program or lowering a tax, the government caves in.”

-- Alberta Federation of Labour’s Audrey Cormac on the influence of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as quoted in Alberta Report Magazine, September 1995.

Attacking the Messenger

“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a paper organization … which serves as a front group for the conservative business lobby. The organization’s attacks on taxation are one-sided and simplistic … [they] cleave to simple-minded, right-wing, voodoo economic theories.”

-- Letter in the Prairie Dog by Regina Public School Board Chair John Conway in response to some not-so flattering information released by the CTF about the Board’s increased use of taxicabs to transport students, January 2000.

Only racists question aboriginal spending

“There’s a very evident level of racism involved with their obsession with the financial affairs of aboriginal people.”

-- Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, Canadian Press, March 2002

I don’t like being accountable to taxpayers

“I make it a habit never to look at, or listen to, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. I don’t know where they get off billing themselves as ‘The Canadian Taxpayers Federation.’”

-- Comments made by Former BC NDP cabinet minister Dan Miller after CTF published details of his forthcoming $1.2 million taxpayer-funded pension. -- Prince Rupert Daily News, January 2001

You have the power to change who influences politics in our country: big unions, big corporations and government-funded special interest groups can be challenged by the contributions of thousands of individual taxpayers who care to make a difference.



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