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Elimination of Alberta Health Tax

Elimination of Alberta Health Tax

On the elimination of Alberta’s Health Premium Tax

“The Tories have been criticized for years … by groups such as the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for collecting the premiums.”

-- Canadian Press, February 2008


“The happiest guy at the legislature might have been Scott Hennig, with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which has campaigned tirelessly to get the premium scrapped.”

-- Edmonton Sun, February 2008


“[Health care premiums] have long been a bone of contention for groups like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.”

-- Calgary Herald, February 2008


“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation hailed word the Tories finally want the premiums to die a slow death. The lobby group has for years pushed for the fees to be axed”

-- Edmonton Journal, February 2008


“[The] Canadian Taxpayers Federation, have repeatedly called for cuts to health-care premiums”

-- Globe and Mail, February 2008
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