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Saskatchewan Privatization Debate

Saskatchewan Privatization Debate

Comments concerning CTF's proposal to privatize liquor stores.

“The latest round in Saskatchewan’s liquor privatization debate -- whoops note to self, it’s not a debate because it’s never going to happen here -- comes from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and makes eminent good sense.”

-- John Gormley, 980 CJME/650 CKOM, November 2004


“Tuesday we saw the amazing spectacle of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation offering a perfectly legitimate, well-researched and well thought-out argument in favour of privatization of liquor stores while a former Tory like Dan D’Autremont argued in favour of the NDP position that liquor stores should forever and ever stay in the hands of government.”

-- Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post, November 2004


“Indeed, the only group willing to buck the New Democratic Party line now appears to be the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. While it once appeared to be singing backup for the Saskatchewan Party on most issues, the CTF has now become a voice in the wilderness, with the temerity to talk about selling off government-owned liquor stores even as the legislature is unanimously banning privatization of any kind.”

-- Randy Burton, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, November 2004

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