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You can't be around for as long as we have with out causing some buzz. Here's a small sampling of what some of those in the media -- and a few politicians -- have to say about the CTF ... including some comments of the more colourful variety!


"[the CTF] gets acres of free coverage in newspapers and on local and national newscasts; their spokespeople regularly get more coverage than elected officials."

Dougald Lamont

"Taxpayers need more advocates in their corner, and nobody advocates with the ferocity of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation."

Finance Minister Joe Oliver
March 6, 2015

CTV News, May 26, 2011: Nova Scotia Finance Minister Graham Steele reacts to CTF revelations that province has the highest gas taxes in Atlantic Canada.


"You can’t turn on the TV or radio or read a newspaper regularly without discovering some nefarious spending by government that has been uncovered by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation."

Bill Tieleman
24 Hours, Vancouver
September 16, 2013


"With communications staff in regional offices across the country, the CTF is the most media savvy organization in Canada and has the largest communications presence of all the free market organizations in Canada."

August 6, 2013


The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s role is ‘to advocate the common interest of taxpayers.’ We thought that was the job of the politicians, who appear to be increasingly taking their directions from the CTF.
-- Lead editorial
Cape Breton Post
February 24, 2013

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation wants Ottawa to grant First Nations full control over their lands while helping young aboriginal people leave economically bleak communities in search of a better life … The influential lobby group is also calling on the federal government to get rid of the Indian Act … The taxpayers federation has had the ear of the Harper government on aboriginal issues in the past -- successfully lobbying the feds to force chiefs to reveal their salaries and benefits. -- Winnipeg Free Press, January 16, 2012

-- Winnipeg Free Press
February 16, 2013

An influential lobby group says Ottawa needs to ditch the Indian Act and give First Nations more control over their land to end aboriginal poverty … The Canadian Taxpayers Federation -- architects of a campaign to open up chiefs' books to the public that was instrumental in recent federal legislation to publish salaries and benefits -- is now urging Ottawa to treat First Nations people like everyone else.

-- Canadian Press
January 15, 2013
Two words come to mind when a taxpayer's attention is drawn to the fattened pension scheme with which members of Parliament have endowed themselves at our expense: daylight robbery! A scandalous situation that has persisted for years in plain sight was recently high-lighted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation … Governments at all levels are finding their employee-pension burden unsustainable and are planning cutbacks … The Taxpayers Federation should be thanked for making it clear precisely where the cutting should start.
-- Lead Editorial
Montreal Gazette
January 27, 2012

There should soon be a federal law requiring aboriginal politicians to make public their pay and benefits, but for now, this information is available only when courageous politicians such as Chief Peterson voluntarily disclose or through the research efforts of organizations such as the CTF.

-- (Lorne Gunter on reserve transparency situation and the Nova Scotia Chief who agreed to let band members decide her pay) National Post,
January 05, 2012
As the Canadian Taxpayers Federation reminded us last week, Metro Vancouver motorists are taxed to the max. We pay the highest combined gas taxes in Canada. Government levies of one kind or another account for one third of the cost of gas in metro compared with less than a quarter in Alberta.
-- Editorial
The Province
May 30, 2011

Tax-on-tax unfair to Alberta Drivers -- "Lord knows the Canadian Taxpayers Federation isn't perfect ... But, it's worth remembering that this relatively small-but-effective lobby exists for one reasons: to wrestle our tax dollars out of the greedy maw of government and back into the hands of the people." [PDF]

-- Edmonton Sun
May 29, 2011

The shocking revelation of sky-high band council salaries on many Canadian reserves was an eye-opener for citizens, and a feather in its cap for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which pried loose the hard-to-get information.

-- Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun
December 01, 2010
We understand that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation are responding to concerns, complaints raised by many of our First Nation Band members; I know that they are responding to that ... At the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Executive Committee of Chiefs passed a resolution urging its colleagues to be accountable and transparent to the Band membership with all information including salaries ... that’s our position, is be accountable and transparent to your membership and then perhaps we wouldn’t have to rely on the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to produce the kind of information they have.
-- Ron Evans, Grand Chief Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
November 30, 2010
We welcome the decision of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to make reform of MLA pensions the subject of a scathing report and petition as it launched a new regional office this week
-- Lead Editorial, Chronicle Herald
September 16, 2010
Thank goodness for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and their relentless pursuit of government waste.  On my daily radio show The Afternoon News in Saint John, Halifax and Moncton, information compiled by the CTF is invaluable. It’s great to see the federation now having an office in Atlantic Canada making what it does even more valuable.  Thanks to the CTF for its great work.
-- Tom Young
Host, The Afternoon News
News 88.9 in New Brunswick and News 95.7 in Nova Scotia
September 01, 2010
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is probably one of the most aggressive budget watchdogs in this province and always keeps a close eye on provincial spending.
-- Chris Epp, CTV Calgary
February 01, 2010
Whether one recognizes it or not, the average hard-working person in this country owes a huge debt of gratitude to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. That organization regularly points out instances of governments, at all three levels, wasting our tax dollars and digging this country further into debt.
-- Red Deer Advocate
January 01, 2010
If you want to see what real fiscal conservatism looks like, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has a plan to balance the budget in three years.
-- Andrew Coyne, National editor
Maclean's Magazine
January 01, 2010
Here we are, with a Conservative government preparing to run a string of ‘stimulative’ deficits the likes of which we haven’t seen since the early 1990s ... urged on by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Conference Board of Canada, and the editorial board of The Globe and Mail. Dissent, at least in public, has been confined to free-market think tanks [and] the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.
-- Maclean’s magazine
Cover Story
January 01, 2009
Who says the private sector isn't more efficient? In fact, the events of last week would seem to make a compelling case for privatizing Alberta's opposition, in as much as we have one.  The Alberta office of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) was doing the work that 11 opposition MLAs were unable -- or unwilling, most likely -- to do; namely, expose the outrageous shenanigans that culminated in massive pay raises for the premier and his cabinet. The swift and comprehensive news release issued by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was exactly what should have been churned out by an opposition party worthy of it's title. If the two opposition parties think they can inspire excitement among Albertans with the prospect of unification, maybe they should first figure out why a bare-bones advocacy group is doing a better job of holding this government accountable.
-- Ron Breakenridge
Calgary Herald
June 01, 2008
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation dominated coverage of this year's budget.
-- Ken Whyte
Editor-in-chief Maclean's magazine
May 01, 2006
… reverse those hasty mid-November Liberal tax cuts and the voters in turn, egged on by the feisty Canadian Taxpayers Federation, will have an equal right to punish the Tories when they see their net income abruptly nosedive.
-- Lead editorial
Globe and Mail
February 01, 2006
The CTF [has] for years been doing yeoman's work watchdogging inflated parliamentary pensions.
-- Vancouver Sun
January 01, 2006

Apparently all it takes to light a fire under Conservative leader Stephen Harper is a critical press release from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. In which case, we hope the CTF keeps up the good work … by mid-week Harper was spouting off on the need for the federal government to offer tax relief to Canadians in the form of cuts to the gas tax.

-- Lead Editorial, Edmonton Sun
August 01, 2005
Only the Canadian Taxpayers Federation denounced the [Bombardier] deal.
-- Montreal Gazette
May 01, 2005
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation … has achieved political leverage out of all proportion to its numerical strength. Politicians compete to win the federation’s moral seal of approval. McGuinty’s well-publicized signing of the pledge was treated as a political coup of monumental proportions.
-- Toronto Star
September 01, 2003
The CTF has a track record when it comes to successfully tilting at windmills.
-- Editorial
Montreal Gazette
January 01, 2003
Happy New Year. Watch your paycheque shrink. That’s the grim holiday message delivered by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on behalf of tax-gouged Canadian workers and their employers.
-- Vancouver Province
December 01, 2002
The CTF has called on the federal government to hold a national referendum on implementing the Kyoto Protocol. What a good idea. The protocol is of profound import[ance]
-- Lead editorial, Vancouver Sun
October 01, 2002

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