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2014 Winnipeg Election Candidate Survey

October 07, 2014
2014 Winnipeg Election Candidate Survey

Back in early September we sent around a short survey to each candidate running for mayor or a city council seat.

Recognizing that council candidates are faced with tons of surveys, questionnaires and other requests from the public, we purposely kept our survey short –just six questions.

Below is a table summarizing the questions we asked and the responses we received. In some cases we received clear-cut “yes” or “no” answers while in other cases the responses were a bit less clear...hence why some have an asterisk beside their response. However, the best way to get a feel for how candidates responded to the survey is to go through each response yourself and review any notes candidates many included to clarify their positions.

Please note that some candidates emailed back responses in text form rather than filling out the original survey and sending it in. Thus, you’ll want to view the original survey to match up the questions with their responses – click here to view the original survey.

Mayoral Responses:

Bowman, Brian – Click here
Fillion, Michael – Click here
Havixbeck, Paula – Click here
Ouellette, Robert-Falcon – Click here
Sanders, David – Click here
Steeves, Gord – Click here
Wasylycia-Leis, Judy – Click here

Council Responses:

Charleswood - Tuxedo:
Duncan, Evan - Click here
Lewandoski, Luc - Click here
Morantz, Marty - Click here
Nichols, Kevin - Click here
Stiller, Nadine - Click here

Daniel McIntyre:
Bellamy, Keith - NA
Cardoso, John - Click here
Donaldson, Dave - NA
Gilroy, Cindy - Click here (Note: we've asked for a better scan as some responses have been clipped)
Smith, Godwin - NA
Smith, Harvey - Click here 

Elmwood - East Kildonan:
Cumming, Jason - Click here
Quaye, Paul - Click here
Schreyer, Jason - Click here
Steen, Thomas - NA

Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry:
Gerbasi, Jenny - NA
Miller, Norm - NA
Nestruck, Shane - NA

Capar, Dave - NA
Eadie, Ross - Click here
Littlejohn, Greg - NA
Mueller, Trevor - Click here

North Kildonan:
Browaty, Jeff - Click here
Comstock, Evan - Click here
Podolecki, Andrew - Click here

Old Kildonan:
Hrynyk, Suzanne - NA
Martin, Donovan - NA
Sharma, Devi - NA 

Point Douglas:
Chartrand, Rebecca - NA
Pagtakhan, Mike - NA
Ramos, Anthony - NA
Thompson, Anne - Click here
White, Dale - Click here 

River Heights - Fort Garry:
Orlikow, John - Click here
Stuart, Taz - Click here 

St. Boniface:
Allard, Matt - Click here
Davies, Ryan - Click here
Gross, Brad - Click here
Najda, Paul - NA

St. Charles:
Borden, Geoff - Click here 
Dobson, Shawn - NA
Hildebrandt, Dwight - NA
Holland, Eric - NA
Nordman, Grant - Click here 
Woodstock, Don - Click here

St. James - Brooklands:
Gillingham, Scott - Click here
Jonasson, Stefan - Click here 
Metcalfe, Bryan - Click here 
Morris, Fred - Click here 

St. Norbert:
Chan, Joe - NA
Lukes, Janice - NA
Mehra, Sachit - Click here

St. Vital:
Churchill, Glenn - Click here
Hennessey, Steven - Click here
Mayes, Brian - Click here (Note: Mayes later emailed to note his comment for question four -  "I do not think it is the city that should be funding expansion of the artgallery".)

Baars-Wilhelm, George - NA
Feschuk, Blessing - NA
Ulasy, Ray - Click here
Wyatt, Russ - NA

Summary Table:




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