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BC: Green Party Rolls Out Tax Hike Plan

March 31, 2017
BC: Green Party Rolls Out Tax Hike Plan

The Georgia Straight newspaper reported last month that the Green Party of BC will field a slate of candidates in the May 9 provincial election that includes at least six PhDs: applied math, organic chemistry, computer engineering, research medicine, sustainability and communications.

Having read the Greens’ energy policy, it’s no surprise they have so many university profs and PhDs running: those are the only people who will be able to afford to live here if they’re elected.

The BC Greens rolled out their climate change platform yesterday, and it will cost BC taxpayers a fortune. Some high, er, lowlights:

Green promise: More than double the carbon tax from $30/ton now to $70/ton in 2021. And no longer provide any personal or corporate income tax breaks to buffer the hikes.

Our thoughts: The Greens want to raise our gas taxes (already the second highest on the continent) by another 9 cents per litre. They also want to make sure we British Columbians pay 40% more carbon tax than any other province. And then we’ll just have to trust them to spend this extra $3 billion in revenue wisely? Can you afford that?

Green promise: Introduce distance-based car insurance.

Our thoughts: This will disproportionately hurt those who live outside urban areas. Live south of the Fraser? You’ll pay more simply because the Agricultural Land Reserve stretches out our communities. Live in a rural area? You’ll pay more just to take your kids to school or grandma to the doctor. More cost on everyday British Columbians.

Green promise: Implement congestion and road pricing policies.

Our thoughts: Taken with the last 2 promises, this is hitting drivers a third time. More cost for gas, more cost for insurance and now more cost for driving.

Green promise: Introducing a requirement for community and regional urban containment areas.

Our thoughts: As if the Agricultural Land Reserve isn’t enough, we need to further restrict development? This will just add even more cost to our already sky-high housing costs.

Green promise: Requiring a full analysis of GHG implications and mitigation strategies in development applications.

Our thoughts: More red tape for builders! More cost for home buyers!

In an election about cost-of-living, voters should think long and hard about the costs the Green Party wants to add.

For more analysis, including a look at the billions in economic development projects that the Greens will kill, see Vaughn Palmer’s piece here.



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