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Calgary Election Survey (2017)

October 03, 2017
Calgary Election Survey (2017)

To help Calgary taxpayers make informed decisions in the upcoming municipal election, we distributed a survey to candidates in mid-September, asking them about a variety of topics.

In the table below you will find a summary of candidates’ responses. Below the table, you will find links to the complete responses we received from candidates (often including comments to explain their position).

Here are three notes about the table below: 

1) The questions in the header row are abbreviated. To see the full questions – click here

2) To learn more about our rationale for asking the questions we put forward – click here

3) If you see a row of “–“ marks, that means the candidate did not respond to our survey request or we were not able to find an email address for their campaign.

4) To understand how the responses in the table, see this breakdown:

  • “YES” or “NO” – This means the candidate responded with a clear “YES” or “NO” answer.
    “YES*” or “NO*” – This means the candidate appeared to be leaning towards “YES” or “NO” but we recommend viewing their response to see their accompanying comments.
    “SR” – See their response; it was difficult to categorize or warrants a review by readers
  • Dark green responses are consistent with CTF position, dark blues are opposed

Please direct any questions or comments related to this survey to Interim Alberta Director Colin Craig –

– Actual Reponses from Candidates (or lack of) –


Jason Achtymichuk – Could not locate email address
Andre Chabot – Click here
Brent Chisholm – Did not respond
Dr. Emile Gabriel – Click here
Larry Heather – Click here
David Lapp – Click here
Naheed Nenshi – Click here
Curtis Olson – Did not respond
David Tremblay – Click here
Bill Smith – Click here
Stan Waciak – Could not locate email address



Chris Blatch – Did not respond
Coral Bliss Taylor – Click here
Cole Christensen – Click here
Cam Khan – Click here
Ward Sutherland – Did not respond



George Georgeou – Did not respond
Christopher Maitland – Click here
Joe Magliocca – Did not respond
Jennifer Wyness – Did not respond



Jyoti Gondek – Click here
Connie Hamilton – Click here
Jun Lin – Click here
Ian McAnerin – Did not respond



Blair Berdusco – Click here
Sean Chu – Click here
Srinivas Ganti – Click here
Greg Miller – Click here



Sarbdeep Baidwan – Click here
George Chahal – Click here
Tudor Dinca – Did not respond
Hirde Jassal – Click here
Balraj Niijjar – Did not respond
Aryan Sadat – Did not respond



Jeff Brownridge – Click here
Alex Columbos – Click here
Jeff Davison – Click here
Sanjeev Kad – Did not respond
Grace Nelson – Click here
Esmahan Razavi – Did not respond
Steve Turner – Click here
Sean Yost – Click here



Margot Aftergood – Click here
Brent Alexander – Click here
Dean Brawn – Click here
Druh Farrell – Did not respond
Marek Hejduk – Click here



Karla Charest – Click here
Chris Davis – Click here
Carter Thomson – Click here
Evan Woolley – Did not respond



Trevor Buckler – Click here
Gian-Carlo Carra – Click here
Cheryl Link – Click here
Boss Madimba – Click here
David Metcalfe – Could not locate email
Omar M'Keyo – Did not respond
Cesar Saavedra – Click here



Najeeb Butt – Did not respond
Numan Elhussein – Could not locate email
Ray Jones – Click here
Gar Gar – Click here
Faith Greaves – Did not respond
Salimah Kassam – Did not respond
Issa Mosa – Click here
Herman Muller – Click here
Kamilla Prasad – Did not respond
Michelle Robinson – Did not respond
David Winkler – Click here



Robert Dickinson – Click here
Janet Eremenko – Click here
Jeromy Farkas – Click here
Linda Johnson – Click here
Keith Simmons – Click here



Brad Cunningham – Click here
Teresa Haegreaves – Click here
Shane Keating – Click here
Mackenzie Quigley – Click here



Kay Adeniyi – Could not locate email
Adam Boechler – Click here
Sherrisa Celis – Did not respond
Diane Colley-Urquhart – Click here
Mark Dyrholm – Click here
Adam Frisch – Did not respond
Art Johnston – Did not respond


Peter Demong – Did not respond
Kelash Kumar – Could not locate email


By billy
on October 03, 2017
What a wonderful snapshot of a candidate's fiscal policy. Not cluttered with images, long misleading responses, or tweets on the social injustices of the day. Candidates who did not respond, do not deserve consideration. Seems to me that we need to adapt this for provincial and federal politics. Rather than relying on tweets, photo ops, socks, and the CBC for unbiased political commentary... we would at least have the opportunity to make informed decisions. Sadly, what a politician says and does are 2 different things. For example, restoring home mail delivery, a modest $10 Billion deficit, eliminating 1st past the post elections, a Small Business Tax Cut, a Billion $ CA surplus by 2019, reduce greenhouse emissions, more government transparency...

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on October 04, 2017
If only administering a city were so simple that we could sum it all up in a neat, tidy table. I support efforts to compare policy across candidates in a systematic way, but the questions asked come with complex issues that can't be summed up with 'yes' or 'no'. Consider question 4: should we cap property taxes to inflation? That sounds reasonable, right, why should taxes need to regularly increase faster than inflation? Here's one reason: municipalities are not permitted to run a deficit, they must post a balanced budget every year. If revenues rise more slowly than costs one year, and the hands of council are tied by a narrow-sighted rule like this, the result is yo-yoing funding levels for city services that is sure to destroy their effectiveness. Limiting growth of taxes over time makes some sense, but not at the expense of unpredictable budgets. How's that for a yes or no answer? Combine the simplistic format with the CTF's simplistic position on each and every answer, and it's not surprising to me that several incumbent councilors opted not to participate in this survey!

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By billy
on October 05, 2017
PK you are 100% Correct! Of course, there will always be circumstances that will impact decision making and policy. And we can judge if the shifts are warranted. However, when politicians make promises, often only to gain and retain power, time and time again, voters are left frustrated and bamboozled. One only has to look @ our Provincial (ON) and Federal Governments. BTW: Questions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are very simple and are not dependent on outside factors. You did rightly identify # 4 as the one and only question that was. The simplistic format works for me.

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