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Edmonton Election Survey (2017)

October 05, 2017
Edmonton Election Survey (2017)

To help Edmonton taxpayers make informed decisions in the upcoming municipal election, we distributed a survey to candidates in mid-September, asking them about a variety of topics.

In the table below you will find a summary of candidates’ responses. Below the table, you will find links to the complete responses we received from candidates (often including comments to explain their position).

Here are three notes about the table below: 

1) The questions in the header row are abbreviated. To see the full questions – click here

2) To learn more about our rationale for asking the questions we put forward – click here

3) If you see a row of “–“ marks, that means the candidate did not respond to our survey request or we were not able to find an email address for their campaign.

4) To understand how the responses in the table, see this breakdown:

  • “YES” or “NO” – This means the candidate responded with a clear “YES” or “NO” answer.
  • “YES*” or “NO*” – This means the candidate appeared to be leaning towards “YES” or “NO” but we recommend viewing their response to see their accompanying comments.
    “SR” – See their response; it was difficult to categorize or warrants a review by readers
  • Dark green responses are consistent with CTF position, dark blues are opposed

Please direct any questions or comments related to this survey to Interim Alberta Director Colin Craig –

– Actual Reponses from Candidates (or lack of) –


Taz Bouchier – No response
Mike Butler – Could not locate email
Ron Cousineau – Could not locate email
Carla Frost – Did not provide related to survey
Don Iveson – Click here
Don Koziak – Could not locate email
Bob Ligertwood – Could not locate email
Fahad Mughal – Click here
Henry Mak – Could not locate email
Godon Nikolic – Could not locate email
Steve Shewchuk – Incomplete response
Neil Stephens – Not able to contact
Justin Thomas – Click here


Randy Allen – No email available
Reuben Avellana – Click here
Andrew Knack – Click here
Dave Olivier – Click here


Bev Esslinger – No response
Ali Haymour – No response
Shelley Tupper – Click here


Jon Dziadyk – Click here
Dave Loken – No response
John Oplanich – Click here
Karen Principe – No response
Sarmad Rasheed – No response


Felix Amenaghawom – No email available
Rocco Caterina – No response
Justin Draper – No response
Beatrice Ghettuba – Click here
Sam Hachem – Click here
Hassan Haymour – Click here
Wade Izzard – No email available
Barry Koperski – No email available
Emerson Mayers – No email available
Martin Narsing – No response
Aaron Paquette – No response
Alison Poste – No response
Tricia Velthuizen – No response


Phil Asher – No email available
Nafisa Bowen – No response
Sarah Hamilton – No response
Miranda Jimmy – No email available
Brian Kendrick – No email available
Dawn Newton – No response
Svetlana Pavlenko – No response
James Prentice – Click here
David Xiao – No response


Bill Knight – No response
Scott McKeen – No response
Adil Pirbhai – No email available
Tish Prouse – Refused


Kris Andreychuk – No response
Tony Caterina – No response
Andrzej Gudanowski – No response
Matthew Kleywegt – Click here
Liz John-West – Click here
Mimi Williams – Click here


Rob Bernshaw – Click here
Kirsten Goa – No response
Ben Henderson – No response
James Kosowan – No response
Eli Schrader – Click here
Heather Workman – No email available


Rob Agostinis – Click here
Tim Cartmell – No response
Payman Parseyan – Click here
Sandy Pon – Click here
Mark Hope – Click here


Vieri Berretti – No response
Samantha Hees – No response
Sim Senol – Could not locate email
Michael Walters – No response
Glenda K. Williams

WARD 11 

Rob Aromin – Could not locate email
Brandy Burdeniuk – No response
Chris Christianson – Could not locate email
Mike Nickel – No response
Troy Pavlek – Click here
Keren Tang – Click here

WARD 12 

Moe Banga – Click here
Nigel Logan – No response
Mike Russnak – Click here
Jo-Anne Wright – Click here
Walter Youb – Click here



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