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Kevin Lacey - Moving On

December 01, 2017
Kevin Lacey - Moving On

Dear friends,

I have decided to leave my position as Atlantic Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to pursue other opportunities. My last day will be at the end of January 2018.

It was a little over 7 years ago that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation opened its Atlantic Canada office and I was hired as the region’s first director. Over that time our organization has raised important issues affecting our region, contributed to meaningful debate and fought for change. Some of the highlights include exposing the waste and mismanagement of the Bluenose II rebuild, winning a four and a half year battle to force the Nova Scotia government to disclose the details of its $304 million deal with Irving Shipbuilding and drawing attention to the overly generous MLA pensions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

We also fought for lower taxes and more focused government spending. While the tax burden has increased, the economic results are precisely what was predicted: slow growth, more money-losing handouts to business, and an exodus of workers looking for opportunity in provinces with lower taxes and stronger business environments. The struggle for lower taxes on working families and businesses will, of course, continue. It is key to turning our region around and bringing the kids home.

I would like to thank those of you who stopped me on the street to encourage me in the work we do, paid my bill when you spotted me eating at a lunch counter while on the road, and opened up your homes or businesses by welcoming me in and allowing me to talk about the organization and how we can, together, make a difference.

I especially want to thank the thousands who joined the fight by financially supporting our work – spending some of your hard-earned money to make this region a better place. We could not have accomplished what we did without you. I will myself become a supporter the organization for years to come.

Lastly, we Maritimers are lucky enough to live in the greatest little corner of the Earth. This place is worth fighting for. I hope more people will start to engage in the debate. Our future depends on it.

It’s been a wonderful experience and glad been apart of this great group.





P.S. In the coming weeks, the CTF will start the process of hiring a new Atlantic Director. I will be staying on to assist during this transition. If you or someone you know may be interested in the Atlantic Director position, please contact me, or CTF Vice President of Communication Scott Hennig at


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