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Open Letter to Red River College's Board

March 13, 2013
Open Letter to Red River College's Board

The following is an open letter to Red River College's Board.

To view the expenses in question, click here.


Dear Richard Lennon,

I am writing to you today to request a board review of Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth’s expenses and a reimbursement to the college for items you agree are “inappropriate” or don’t meet College expense reimbursement policy.

Our request comes after a whistleblower raised concerns about some of Ms. Forsyth’s expenses.

We investigated the situation by filing freedom of information requests and concluded the matter was worth bringing to your attention. Some of the items we would like the board to review include:

1) Golf shoes - $204.84. We recognize that golf is an activity that is often mixed with business, but we agree with the whistleblower’s concerns that expensing golf shoes is not a reasonable expenditure for a publicly funded institution.  Many casual golfers often play the game without high-end footwear.

2) Driver’s license – It appears Ms. Forsyth expensed her driver’s license. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers or students (through student fees) to pay for a public official’s driver’s license.

3) Car expenses – Vehicle expenses for the BMW she drives seem to be excessive; winter tires, car insurance, frequent car washes, GPS, etc.

4) Partisan Events – While we recognize the NDP are currently governing the province, there seems to be a strong tie to attendance at events featuring NDP speakers and meetings with NDP politicians. This includes a $107 bill for groceries at Superstore for a dinner with Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross.

5) Duffel Bag – $134 duffel bag was expensed at the Vancouver Airport.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to your response.

Colin Craig,
Prairie Director
Canadian Taxpayers Federation



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