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FED: Balance the Budget

February 26, 2013
FED: Balance the Budget

Tell Trudeau and Morneau to stop the cascading Debt

Canada’s federal debt is growing at a rate $80 million per day. This level of borrowing is costing Canadians not just the principal, but additional interest each year. In fact, the federal government spends $26 billion per year just paying the annual interest on the debt.

Between 1997 and 2008 the federal government was running surplus budgets and paying down our debt. The Harper government then ran six deficits, adding $144 billion in new debt, before balancing the budget again in 2016. Now the new Trudeau government is planning an indefinite number of deficits, and another $118 billion in debt, which would see our federal debt climb to more than $718 billion – that’s $20,000 for every single Canadian!

The CTF believes it is irresponsible for governments to borrow money and force future generations to pay the bill and we are urging the new Trudeau government to develop a plan to return to balance as soon as possible.

Use the buttons below to contact Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to sign the petition, to balance the budget, and to donate a few dollars to the campaign. Canadians need to stand up and be heard on this important issue!

News Releases

CTF Still Wants Balanced Budget This Year

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today welcomed the federal government's announcement that it will return to a surplus position in fiscal 2015-16. View More

Balanced Budget Legislation a Win for Taxpayers

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today applauded the Conservative government’s pledge to introduce balanced budget legislation. View More

Canada’s Federal Debt Hits (Ugly) Milestone: $600,000,000,000 on Saturday, November 24th, at 11:19 pm

OTTAWA, ON: The CTF revealed today that Canada’s federal debt will cross the $600 billion mark tomorrow, Saturday, November 24th, at three seconds before 11:19 pm. Check

View More

CTF Slams Harper Government for Abandoning 2014-15 Balanced-Budget Commitment

OTTAWA, ON: The CTF slammed today’s economic and fiscal update by federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty as it abandoned the Conservatives’ 2011 election promise to balance the budget in 2014-15.

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B.C. Families Face $84 Medical Services Premium Tax Increase

BC families face a $306 tax hike for CPP and EI--plus an $84 hike in MSP. No happy new year for taxpayers!

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Harper government betrays voters on balanced-budget promise

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging the Harper government to honour its election promise made exactly seven months ago to balance the federal budget by 2014-15 and cut spending to get the job done.

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Debt clock reminds Tories of fast growing debt

The CTF took its National Debt Clock to the Conservative Party’s national convention to remind Prime Minister Stephen Harper & delegates the federal debt continues to grow by over $1,024 per second. View More

National Debt Clock Tour Wraps-up as Writ Drops

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) wrapped up its Winter 2011 National Debt Clock Tour this afternoon in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia after travelling over 10,000 kilometres from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Federal Budget Fails to Control Spending, Achieve Balance

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) gave a mixed reaction to today’s federal budget. While rightfully withstanding opposition calls to hike business taxes, Budget 2011 increases spending and continues to project deficits into 2015-16.

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Debt Clock Marks Milestone at Parliament Hill

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) marked a milestone in Canada’s debt history today, holding a major stop on its National Debt Clock Tour in front of Parliament Hill. At 11 minutes and 25 seconds after midnight on March 18th, the Debt Clock will roll over the $562,881,000,000 mark - the previous record set in 1997.

>>Debt Clock Tour campaign page

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FED: We're Broke:

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation responds to the federal government’s economic update, calling for a faster plan to eliminate the deficit and for a legislated debt repayment schedule.

View More

FED: MPs must dump their junk-mail

UPDATE: We won! Our urgent appeal to supporters to contact federal lawmakers in an effort to pass an opposition motion to end “ten per centers” was a great success! The vote passed March 16, 2010 in the House of Commons 140-137 ending an an offensive partisan perk and saving a few trees in the process. But it’s even better than that ...

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FED: Harper Legacy - No end in sight to deficits

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) responded today to the 2010 Federal Budget expressing with great dismay that the Harper government continues to delay efforts to balance the federal budget.



View More

FED: Unicorn Sighting: Politicians tighten their own belts

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) responded to the Speech From the Throne applauding the government for adopting measures to restrict some areas of government spending starting with freezing MP and cabinet pay. View More

Canada’s Deficit Action Plan: Zero in Three - CTF Releases Detailed Plan and Timeline for Balanced Budget

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has released a detailed plan to balance the federal budget. It is entitled Canada’s Deficit Action Plan: Zero in Three. CTF Federal Director, Kevin Gaudet, will be meeting with federal Finance Minister Flaherty as part of federal pre-budget consultation when he will present the plan to the Minister. View More

Federal Debt Climbs Past Half Trillion

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation held a press conference on Parliament Hill to raise the alarm that the federal debt will climb past a half trillion dollars - $500,000,000,000.00 on Sunday, November 22nd, at 10:56:53 p.m.

View More

Federal Debt Clock Speeds Up - Yet Again accelerates to $1,585 per second from $1,069 View More

CTF to CBC: No More Butlers and Champagne

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the federal Heritage Committee to tell CBC President, Mr. Hubert Lacroix, to end wasteful executive spending at the CBC.  

CTF Federal Director Kevin Gaudet said “it’s time to end the champagne, butlers and first class travel at the CBC. Canadians don’t pay taxes so CBC brass can live the Hollywood lifestyle.”

View More

Ignatieff Must Clarify Tax Hike Comments

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff to clarify publicly and unambiguously whether, as Prime Minister, he would raise taxes to help deal with the growing federal deficit and debt. 

CTF Federal Director, Kevin Gaudet said, “Canadian familes already give 45% of their incomes to government each year, so they have the right to know whether Mr. Ignatief, if elected Prime Minister, would increase that burden.”

View More

11th Annual Teddies Waste Awards

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) held its eleventh annual “Teddies Waste Awards Ceremony” to recognize excellence in the art of government waste. CTF Federal director, Kevin Gaudet, acted as the master of ceremonies today at the ceremony’s black tie news conference on Parliament Hill. Assisting with the awards ceremony were “Porky the Waste Hater” (pig mascot) and Samantha, a veteran government waste awards hostess. View More

Debt Clock Re-Launch

OTTAWA: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today re-launched its federal debt clock, at, in response to federal politicians taking Canada back into a deficit after 11 years of surpluses. View More

Deficit Binge Drives Taxpayer Hangover

  • Debt will grow by $84.9 billion
  • Modest tax relief for middle class  

OTTAWA: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) reacts to the 2009-10 federal budget, which was tabled in the House of View More

Conservative government to taxpayers: We've given up trying to control spending

OTTAWA: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) reacted today to the announcement that the federal government's spending is ballooning to unsustainable levels. The finance department reported today in their June Fiscal Monitor that Ottawa's expenditures grew by 11.1 per cent in June, and program spending swelled by an astounding 8.4 per cent in the first three months of the fiscal year. This increase is two-and-a-half times the 2008 budget's spending estimate, which called for a 3.4 per cent boost to spending.
View More


It’s Time to Put Government-Owned Companies on a Tighter Leash

High-priced executives who manage government-owned companies have enjoyed, until now, special status: they are paid like business people, with none of the risk. View More

Harper Needs to Stay on Course With Budget 2013

Stephen Harper won his majority in 2011 - on his fourth attempt - because of certain promises he made. He promised to control spending. He promised to balance the federal budget in 2014. View More

Staggering Federal Payroll Costs Help Explain Ottawa’s Runaway Deficits

Canadians have been asking the Harper government some tough questions in recent months. Questions like: why has Canada’s federal debt jumped over 30 per cent since 2008, to over $600 billion?

View More

Harper and Flaherty don’t have a revenue problem

Canada’s credibility as a money manager took a beating recently when federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty cried poor and forecast four years of bigger-than-expected deficits, with no balanced budget until the 2016-17 fiscal year.

View More

Harper Government Needs to Get Serious About Out-of-Control Payroll Costs

As the Harper government moves at a snail’s pace to get a handle on spending, it’s becoming obvious we need tougher action on trimming the federal payroll in order to balance the budget and deliver cost-effective government.

View More

Federal transfer payments: end the dependency trap

View More

EI Reform Critics, Harper Government Both Turn Their Backs on Working Canadians

Anybody who gets a paycheque in Canada has looked at the top and bottom lines once or twice, comparing the money they earn to the money they get to keep after the government is done with them. After a while, they stop looking, because it’s just too painful.

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Harper needs to end the special pension deal for government employees

When you raise the issue around the water cooler about how we pay our politicians in Ottawa, it rarely takes long before you hear a rant about their platinum-plated pensions. And for good reason; the over $100 million taxpayers kick in each year is not chump change. But it's the tip of the iceberg...

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CFL subsidies a punt in the face for taxpayers

Now that the Grey Cup has been awarded it’s time to assess the CFL year in review, but not the on-field play, but rather from a taxpayer angle. And unfortunately it comes up expensive.

View More

How to Avoid the EI Tax-Hike Hammer

Imagine your neighbour hit you in the head with a hammer, and then says you should be elated that he hit you only once because originally he had planned to hit you three times. This is the kind of argument Finance Minister Flaherty is using to sell his Employment Insurance (EI) tax hike planned for January 1st next year.

View More

FED: Raising tobacco taxes not the answer to deficits

The growing black market for cigarettes in Canada is becoming a larger and larger problem. It is a source of violent and organized crime and it deprives governments of the full taxes from the sale of a legal product. To deal with this problem, governments must not further hike tobacco taxes, as doing so merely spurs black market trade. View More

FED: Summitscam - Harper Joins Billion Dollar Boondoggle Club: Audit Required

Prime Minister Harper has become the newest member of the notorious Billion Dollar Boondoggle Club thanks to Summitscam. He joins the ranks of Jean Chretien, Jane Stewart, Allan Rock and Dalton McGuinty. Mr. Harper’s entry to the club comes as a result of the giant cost overruns for the upcoming G8 and G20 leaders’ summit, leaving taxpayers on the hook for $1 billion or more. View More

FED: Stockwell's Day of Reckoning

The Prime Minister has invested great trust and responsibility in Stockwell Day, having given him the role of Treasury Board Minister. His primary responsibility will be to get federal spending back under control. How this job is handled will dictate, to a great extent, how this government will be judged in the future for its fiscal management. The important outcome of the fiscal day of reckoning for the Harper government will rest in the hands of Minister Day. View More

GST Hike Like Another Tiger Woods Girlfriend: Bad Idea

Kudos to Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy for having let the tax-hike genie out the bottle. Recently, he went on national TV and speculated that Canadians would accept a hike in the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Mr. Kennedy deserves credit for putting this policy proposal in the window. It is only through such open and honest debate that such a poor idea can be thoroughly and resoundingly debunked and rejected. View More

FED: Big Debt Brag? Canada's Debt 22nd Worst in OECD!

Dr. Seuss probably didn’t have Prime Minister Harper or Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in mind when he wrote his short story The Big Brag. But he might as well have. In the story a bear and a rabbit argue and brag about who can hear and smell farther. Like Dr. Seuss characters, Harper and Ignatieff are ignoring the danger of the growing national debt burden... View More

Where Have All the Fiscal Conservatives Gone?

Private-sector economists and the Parliamentary Budget Officer are forecasting deficits into the foreseeable future. To deal with this problem, they all say, there are three possible solutions: spending must be cut, taxes must be raised or some combination of both. To the relief of tax-weary Canadians, Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently ruled out tax hikes, calling them "a dumb idea." Unfortunately, in the same breath, he also dismissed the idea of spending cuts. With those words, Mr. Harper may have doomed this country to a repeat of the deficit and debt crisis of the 1990s.

View More

Are Taxpayers Paying For MPs' Moats or Toothbrushes?

Could Canadian taxpayers have paid for the clearing of a moat around the house of a Member of Parliament (MP)? However unlikely this is, taxpayers may never know. Unbelievably, MPs refuse to make public the details of $127 million of spending from their office budgets. They even have refused to allow the Auditor General (AG) to look at their books. Such spending should be made fully public as it is for Toronto City Councillors and subject to audit by the AG. If the spending is as squeaky clean as MPs claim, they should have nothing to hide and nothing to fear from shedding light on it.

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Federal: Fatherly Advice for Deficit Avoidance

The next time a politician casually mentions borrowing a billion dollars – or $50 billion for that matter – ask yourself this question: what would my family do?

The Harper government has just announced that their deficit for this year alone will exceed $50 billion. As if this isn’t bad enough, none of the opposition leaders seem to be concerned that this deficit figure is too much. When it comes to requests to spend, all of these politicians should heed the same advice they give their children: ‘just say no.’

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Federal: Liberal Tory Same Old Story

Big-time government spending is back in a big way.  The federal government has tabled its budget and revealed plans for a drunken spending spree.  Sadly, taxpayers will be left with a budget hangover for years to come from this binge.  Prime Minister Harper plans to rack-up no less than $85 billion in new debt over the next few years.  Nearly a decade of debt reduction will be wiped out with this one budget, leaving taxpayers to wonder how this could happen.  A look at Canada’s economy and the budget reveals how this was a betrayal of good fiscal management and how View More

Federal: Avoiding A Chicken Little Budget

Any Canadian who has been listening to politicians and spin doctors lately would likely believe Canada’s entire economy was teetering on edge.  In truth, calm should be the order of the day, not panic.  The sky is not falling.  In fact, it is not even close to falling.  Granted, an economic acorn or two have fallen in Canada.  These acorns have driven some to scurry around like Chicken Little stirring up a frenzy of calls for massive government intervention.  Yet, we must remember a moral of Chicken Little: when one blindly buys into hysteria, the consequences View More

Federal: The Case for a Balanced Budget

As the Harper government prepares to take Canada back into substantial multi-year deficits, the Prime Minister should be mindful of advice from the famous French philosopher Blaise Pascal.  He wrote: “In each action we must look beyond the action at our past, present, and future state, and at others whom it affects, and see the relations of all those things. And then we shall be very cautious.”  

A look at the past, present and future of government spending, deficit financing and their impact reveals a need for making tough decisions to keep the budget balanced.

View More

Tax Talk #15 - The Federal Budget w/ Jeff Bowes

Man, that's a lot of debt. View More

Tax Talk #41 - The Federal Budget w/ Gregory Thomas

Gregory Thomas and Jordan Bateman break down the federal budget, which had a delightful 1990s tinge to it. View More

BC: Monday AM QB - Corporate Welfare, MRI, Pensions

Corporate welfare makes us sick - but not enough to book off work three times more than most employees, like federal bureaucrats do. View More

FED: Why "that Debt Issue" Matters

If you don't know why it's important for governments to be fiscally responsible, watch this 60 Minutes clip -

View More

BC: NL Radio Editorial on $600 Billion Debt

Ottawa has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

View More

Tax Talk: The CTF Podcast Episode 6 - Canada's Debt Hits $600 Billion

CTF Tax Talk Podcast #6: The $600 billion debt news conference.

View More

Why doesn’t the Bank of Canada just print money to pay off our National Debt?

We at the CTF are often emailed questions about the Bank of Canada. Most commonly we are sent links to little girls on youtube talking about the Bank of Canada, to the Michael Journal or videos of retired teachers explaining why the Bank of Canada should simply print money to pay off the National Debt, rather than the government borrowing money from commercial banks... View More

Pierre Poilievre Economic Freedom Speech

At the CTF we don't share many speeches from politicians (especially in a positive light), but Nepean-Carleton MP Pierre Poilevre hits the nail on the head with the European and US debt crises, and why Canada should walk on its own path toward fiscal sanity.

View More

Our Best Friend

Up until a few days ago, I had never heard of Stephen Kimber.

The reason Mr. Kimber popped up my radar was this blog he posted on Saturday, discussing his involvement with the CBC and the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

View More

Friends Don’t Let Friends Withhold Information

So the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting (let’s just call them ‘Friends’) are a little upset with us for upturning some of their financial dealings with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). We sort of expected that.

View More

Friends with Benefits: CTF finds Friends of Canadian Broadcasting on the CBC Payroll

Amongst the many Access to Information (ATI) enquiries we make each year was this tidbit relating to the CBC. Our National Research Director, Derek Fildebrandt got to thinking about the leadership of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, the group that advocates for more funding for the CBC. “What if these people are actually on the CBC’s payroll?” thought Derek.

View More

Federal Pension Plans Even Worse Off Than Thought: CD Howe

Federal pensions are $80 billion worse-off than previously thought.

View More

Fiscal conservatives would love to see some of that principle at the UN applied at home

Canada's Conservative government is making the claim that it lost its bid for a UN Security Council seat because it was not willing to "sacrifice principle" in order to win at any cost. In short, the Conservative government would rather go down in defeat than budge to mushy Europeans and third-world dictators; it would rather die on its feet than live on its knees.

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Global Debt Clock

The Economist's Global Debt Clock includes a map of the world where by simply holding the curser over a country, you can find out it's: total public debt, public debt per capita, debt as a percentage of GDP (the economy) and the annual change in public debt. These important statistics are the basic measurements by which one can compare their government’s performance on debt with other countries.

View More

Libs Rip-Off Taxpayers Fed "Teddy" Awards

The Liberal Party of Canada ripped-off the annual "Teddy Waste Awards" today, an annual event hosted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. View More

10% of the Problem: MP Junk Mail

What is another word for ‘free money’ on Parliament Hill? ‘Taxpayer money’, ‘your money’, ‘not my money’ are all fair synonyms. It’s therefore not surprising when MPs vote themselves all sorts of perks, but many are little understood or even known about by the public. View More

Germany Breaking Under Weight of EU: What Parallels with Canada ?

The European Union (EU) has many fascinating parallels with the Canadian federation. Unspoken by many, the most obvious is that it is propped-up primarily by only two members: Germany and Britain in the EU and by Ontario and Alberta (now joined by BC and Saskatchewan) in Canada. View More

Bernier's Call to End Corporate Taxes is Only Half the Story

Maxime Bernier's article in yesterday's National Post makes the case clearly as to why corporate taxes are in reality indirect taxes on people, which are passed on in different forms to investors, consumers and workers. It is worth noting that corporate taxes are one of the few areas of fiscal policy in which the current government deserves commendation. View More

$930M of security for G20 summit...31 times last year's cost

View More

Flip and/or Flop: Fallout from an MP Expense Audit

flip"Bipartisanship" is just another word for 'all-party consensus on how to gang-up on the people.' This "bipartisanship" is a facade that can only stand so long as all parties see it as in t View More

Socialism for the Rich: NDPer Wasylycia-Leis to Cash in Mega-Pension

Its a fitting way for a champion of the poor to leave Parliament. NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis today announced her retiring from federal politics so that she can make her way into municipal politics as Winnipeg's new mayor. Ms. Wasylycia-Leis was a tireless advocate for wealth redistribution and state management of the economy during her 13 years in Ottawa; which she no doubt deeply and genuinely believes helps the poor and less fortunate. Philosophical differences be what they may, she believed in what she was doing. View More

Waste Watch: Heritage Minister's Sole Source Speech Contract Way Over Budget

Heritage Minister 72% over budget for one month sole-source speech contract - spends almost $27,000. View More

Guergis: strange expense claims precede resignation

Should $250 handbags, shoes, clothing and jogging gear be counted as campaign expenses? Recently resigned Status of Women Minister Helena Guergis thought so. She tried to claim $977 filed in the “other” category of candidate personal expenses, according to the Ottawa Citizen. View More

UK Taxpayers Alliance Launches Debt Clock Tour

The UK's Taxpayers Alliance (good people) have launched a national Debt Clock tour to bring attention to that country's mounting level deficit financing. View More
In The News

Federal bureaucrats costs Canadian taxpayers $114,000 a year

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas responds to a report that each bureaucrat in the federal government costs taxpayers on average $114,000 annually.

View More

Are balanced budgets no longer a priority for the federal government?

CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas comments on the Federal government's November Fiscal Update. In the update, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty played down the importance of the government balancing its budget.

View More

Canada's federal debt passes $600,000,000,000!

On Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 11:19PM Canada's federal debt passed the $600,000,000,000 mark. Federal Director Gregory Thomas comments on this eventful milestone and describes the driving forces behind Canada's debt growth.

View More

Who pays government debt?

Federal Director Gregory Thomas and BC Director Jordan Bateman discuss the issue of  growing debt at the federal and provincial level. This debt will ultimately have to be paid by our children and grand children.

View More

Watch Canada's federal debt blast through the $600 billion mark

On November 24, 2012 at 11:19PM, Canada's federal debt passed $600,000,000,000. Recorded from

View More

CCPA calls for massive spending increases in federal budget

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) just released its proposals for the 2012 Canadian Federal budget. It is calling for massive spending increases and tax hikes.

View More

Huge severance payouts to federal government bureaucrats

With plans for layoffs of federal government bureaucrats in the upcoming federal budget, Canadian Taxpayers Federation Research Director Derek Fildebrandt discusses the excessive severances paid federal employees.

View More

Tax increases not the solution

Should governments be considering tax increases as a way to balance their budgets?

View More

2012 Federal budget: Austerity or Stimulus

Discussing the upcoming 2012 Federal Budget, Canadian Taxpayers Federation Federal Director Gregory Thomas says the government must look to cuts as the way of getting its spending under control.

View More

CTF's Debt Clock and Team Detained

On June 9th, 2011, the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation's Debt Clock and it's team, were detained for nearly 30 minutes outside the Conservative Party's Convention in Ottawa, Ontario.

View More

Canada's Total Government Debt Picture

When you look at Canada's total government debt picture, it's not pretty! Consider how we stack up with troubled European nations and the United States...

View More

Debt repayments wiped out

As part of its National Debt Clock Tour, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation visited Ottawa.

View More

National Debt Clock Tour 2011

On February 22, 2011, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched its National Debt Clock Tour from Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway

View More

Stop this Clock

The CTF's National Debt Clock visits Kelowna, BC on February 25, 2011.

View More

National Debt Clock Tour Launched

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's (CTF) National Debt Clock Tour was launched from Victoria, BC on February 22, 2011 at Mile 0 on the Trans Canada Highway.

View More

Restore the National Debt Clock

CTF President Troy Lanigan makes an appeal to bring the National Debt Clock out of retirement and call her into duty once again.

View More

Ottawa must control its spending

Federal director Kevin Gaudet comments on Ottawa's October 2010 Economic update.

View More

Sounds more like a RAVE

G8/G20 sounds more like a RAVE than a global summit.

View More

Important issues for Fall sitting of Parliament

Federal Director Kevin Gaudet discusses the important issues he would like dealt with in the 2010 Fall sitting of the House of Commons.

View More

Post MPs' and Senators' Expenses Online

The CTF's petition drive to have MP expenses revealed is getting attention. Here is some of the media we have received so far.

View More

Slight federal belt-tightening

Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation welcomes the federal government's freeze in MP salaries and the elimination of a few positions in the civil service. But it's tiny compared to the real task at hand.

View More

Coverage of the 12th Annual Teddy Waste Awards

Colin Craig of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation presides over the 12th Annual Teddy Awards. The Teddies honor the best of the worst in government waste. Awards include federal, provincial, municipal, and lifetime achievement.

View More

CTF responds to Budget 2010

Kevin Gaudet of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation believes the fiscal restraint from Jim Flaherty's 2010 Budget is minimal. Stimulus spending continues, making the 2010 budget a "Son of Stimulus" horror story.

View More

CTF debates ex-bureaucrats on tax hikes

Kevin GaudetCTF Federal Director Kevin Gaudet argues that the federal government should restrain spending, not raise taxes. View More

Deficit Spending Refuted

Kevin Gaudet faces Evan Solomon and refutes arguments by CUPE and others who defend budget deficits. The economy is showing signs of recovery, so it's especially time to reign in spending. No more $900,000 government-funded stages for Tim McGraw! View More

Zero in Two: Taxpayers’ Deficit Action Plan

The federal government must do more than plan to grow out of its current fiscal situation. To do so, clear action must be taken. Simply reducing the rate of growth of spending will not be enough.

View More

FED: Canada’s Deficit Action Plan: Zero in Three

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has released a detailed plan to balance the federal budget. It is entitled Canada’s Deficit Action Plan: Zero in Three. CTF Federal Director, Kevin Gaudet, will be meeting with federal Finance Minister Flaherty as part of federal pre-budget consultation when he will present the plan to the Minister. View More
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