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Hold a national vote on getting rid of the Canadian Senate

July 18, 2013
 Hold a national vote on getting rid of the Canadian Senate

The Canadian Senate is not elected and not accountable to Canadians.

For nearly 20 years, politicians have been dragging their feet on Senate reform. Only the province of Alberta has held Senate elections, and only five elected Senators have ever served.

Meanwhile, Canadians are paying $93 million a year for Senate salaries, offices, travel and staff.

While many Canadians struggle to make ends meet, unelected Senators spend hundreds of thousands each year. Many travel to exotic foreign cities on taxpayer-funded junkets.

With one former Senator in jail for cheating on his expenses, and another under RCMP investigation, it’s time for Canadians get to a vote on whether we want to keep paying for the Canadian Senate.

It’s time to decide once and for all whether Canadians are being well served by the current unelected Senate. It’s time for a national referendum on abolishing the Senate.

Sign the petition, and add your voice to Canadians who are demanding a national vote on getting rid of the Senate when the next federal election takes place.

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