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No Translink Tax!

January 31, 2013
No Translink Tax!

One of the country’s most wasteful government agencies, TransLink, has announced it wants a 0.5% Provincial Sales Tax increase to fund its lavish plans (Note: this PST hike applies only to TransLink cities in the Lower Mainland). Under B.C. law, they must put that tax hike to the people in a referendum vote next year.

Instead of finding efficiencies, TransLink Mayors want your family to pay $258 more in sales tax every year. And they’ve got Big Business, Big Unions, and Big Government buying into the plan. TransLink, which takes $1.4 billion a year from taxpayers and customers already, now wants even more – despite a stunningly bad record of waste.

But not the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. We’re going to go to push back against the TransLink money wasters and their apologists, and fight on taxpayers’ behalf for a NO vote in the 2015 TransLink referendum.

We’re building a team to defeat this tax, and we hope you’ll be a part of it. Here are two ways to help:

1. Go to and sign up for regular updates on our campaign. Forward the link to all your friends and neighbours, and let’s show the TransLink elite that the people don’t want to pay billions for their legacy dreams. Share the site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

2. Please consider donating to our campaign at We ask that you be generous – if we lose this referendum, your taxes will jump $258 per year. It’s a must-win for taxpayers.

Let’s win this thing!

News Releases

TransLink Hiding Court Costs from Public

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on TransLink to disclose how much it spent in legal fees to prosecute Langara College student Inna Danylyuk for fare evasion. View More

BC: Mayors Prove No TransLink Tax Campaign Right

Guess what? There was waste at TransLink that could be found. Well knock us over with a feather! View More

BC: CTF Rejects Call for New TransLink Tax

• Federal government’s increased commitment makes it more possible to fund TransLink expansion through reprioritization, efficiencies • TransLink still needs to earn back the public’s trust View More

CTF Releases New Book on TransLink Tax Campaign Victory

Print and e-edition available through Amazon at View More

BC: TransLink’s $100,000 Club Now 524 People

• 21 per cent jump from 2013, when 434 TransLink employees made $100,000+ View More

No TransLink Tax releases final list of donors

Two days before the final ballots are due the No TransLink Tax campaign has released its final list of donors. View More

Media Advisory: No TransLink Tax Campaign Tours Elections BC Sorting Facility

Jordan Bateman of the No TransLink Tax campaign will tour Elections BC’s warehouse Tuesday morning in Victoria to observe the agency’s work in the TransLink tax plebiscite. Following that tour, Jordan will be available for comment on the processes involved. View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign in Final Week

With just 105 hours left in the TransLink tax plebiscite vote, the No TransLink Tax campaign today kicked off its final week of activities, with one final round of social media advertising and outreach to the No TransLink Tax supporters. View More

TransLink Mayors Spending $11 Per Vote

The No TransLink Tax campaign released new calculations today showing the TransLink Mayors have spent $11.35 per vote cast in the TransLink tax plebiscite. That’s $11.29 more than the No TransLink Tax campaign has spent. View More

High Flying No TransLink Tax Campaign Returns to the Sky Saturday

The No TransLink Tax campaign will be back in the skies of the Lower Mainland tomorrow, Saturday, May 9, when its crowd-funded ‘Vote No To TransLink Tax’ sign returns for another three-hour flight. View More

TransLink Hiding 2014 Executive Pay Until After Vote

Voters deserve to know what taxpayers paid TransLink’s top seven executives last year before voting closes in the TransLink tax plebiscite, but TransLink has refused to release those numbers, says the No TransLink Tax campaign. View More

Plebiscite Turnout Now Higher Than Municipal Elections

The No TransLink Tax campaign is pleased to see another turnout milestone reached in the TransLink tax plebiscite – turnout is now higher across the region for this vote than in last November’s municipal elections. View More

Barbara Yaffe: A fair fight?

From the Vancouver Sun - May 6, 2015 by Barbara Yaffe: Don’t bother trying to learn how the budget for the transit plebiscite Yes side is being sourced, or spent, because no one is talking. View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign Takes To The Air Sunday

The No TransLink Tax campaign will hit the skies of the Lower Mainland this Sunday, May 3, when a crowd-funded ‘Vote No To TransLink Tax’ sign is towed by an airplane around the region. View More

Time Running Out – Vote NO Today

The No TransLink Tax campaign is in the home stretch, ramping up social media advertising and person-to-person contacts to encourage the two-thirds of people who haven’t voted yet in the TransLink tax plebiscite to make their voices heard. View More

The Sequel: No TransLink Tax Sign Stolen in Kits (Again!)

A No TransLink Tax campaign supporter has filed a second report with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) after another No TransLink Tax lawn sign was stolen out of his front yard in Kitsilano on Monday, April 20. The new sign went missing less than two weeks after his first sign was stolen on April 8. View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign Successfully Crowdfunds a Banner in the Sky

Over the weekend, the No TransLink Tax campaign successfully used a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to have an airplane tow a banner over the Vancouver Marathon on Sunday, May 3rd. View More

Just 30 Days Left to Get a Ballot, No TransLink Tax Campaign Reminds Voters

The No TransLink Tax campaign reminds Lower Mainland residents that they have just one month left to request ballots in the TransLink plebiscite. View More

Caught on Tape: No TransLink Tax Sign Stolen in Kits

A No TransLink Tax campaign supporter has filed a report with the Vancouver Police Department after his No TransLink Tax lawn sign was stolen out of his front yard in Kitsilano Wednesday night, April 8. View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign Encouraged By Early Results

The No TransLink Tax campaign is encouraged by the very early return numbers posted by Elections B.C. today, which show nearly 125,000 people voted in the first few days of the TransLink tax plebiscite process. View More

Mayor Admits YES Support All About Sucking Up to Robertson, Moore

Bowen Island Mayor posts bizarre rationale for residents to support TransLink tax grab View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign Calls on Mayors to Quit Using Students To Carry Their Propaganda

The No TransLink Tax campaign is calling on the Vancouver School District cease using school children to send partisan, taxpayer-funded ads home – and to apologize to parents and children for teaching backwards democratic values in schools. View More

Fraser Institute confirms TransLink expansion can be funded from existing taxes

The Fraser Institute released a report today confirming what the NO TransLink Tax campaign has argued from day one - that the entire Mayor's Plan can be funded from existing taxes and TransLink revenues. View More

No TransLink Tax Campaign Calls on Mayors to Play Fair

Launches sign campaign View More

NO Campaign Releases Donor List, Challenges YES to Do the Same

YES campaign still hiding funders View More

BC Taxpayers Hissed at TransLink: Did Mayors Hear?

The TransLink mayors want three increases: a 25 cent hike in fares, a $3 increase in property tax and a new development cost charge (DCC) on housing. View More

BC: Five Months After the NO Vote, TransLink Questions Remain

Is there enough dough in Santa Trudeau's sack to pay for all of B.C.'s hopes and dreams? View More

OP/ED – What the NO Side Has Already Won

Back in December, just before the TransLink Mayors Council voted to launch the TransLink sales tax plebiscite, I ran into one of the mayors in the hallway. “Oh Jordan,” he joked, “I was just thinking we should add an amendment to send you on a six-month vacation to Hawaii.” View More

Time to Scuttle Lions Gate Bridge Closure Deal

Ever wonder how governments hide outrageous plans that put ideology above citizens? They bury them in obscure reports with boring names. View More

TransLink is out of touch with White Rock

A view by Dave Chesney - White Rock City Councillor View More

Why Langley should vote NO

A Letter to Langley Residents By Jordan Bateman View More

TransLink is out of touch with Bowen Island and we should vote NO

Andrew Pietrow on why Bowen Island should vote NO View More

VIDEO: How will you vote?

We asked people on the street how they were voting in the TransLink referendum and why... View More

West Vancouver Mayor urges everyone to vote NO

West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith was on Global urging everyone to vote NO. View More

Making the Social, Economic and Governance Case for NO

Menzies: “The underlying basis of that tax is that it will disproportionately affect those least able to pay and most likely to take transit.” View More

Call your Mayor

The Mayors are going to spend taxpayers money to campaign for the YES side. $4 million, in fact. This is outrageous and unfair. View More

Voting No Opens A Better Path For TransLink, Taxpayers

It didn’t have to be this way. TransLink could have not wasted so much of our money on silly gimmicks and instead put precious tax dollars into important things like maintaining the Expo Line properly and avoiding massive shutdowns. View More

Letter from a Supporter

A letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun on January 10th from Malcolm Johnston a supporter of the NO campaign. View More

BC: ’Twas the Night Before a Taxpayer’s Christmas

A Christmas poem by a beleaguered B.C. taxpayer. View More

BC: TransLink Wastes Money Clearing Empty Parking Lot

A 2014 Teddy Waste Award winner is back on the waste radar. View More

BC: TransLink's Lack of Common Sense Costs Taxpayers

Another classic waste story from TransLink. View More

BC: Evergreen Line $173M over budget, 2 years late

Don't believe the government's spin. View More

BC: No Need To Rush Into More TransLink Taxes

The TransLink mayors pretend there's a time crunch, but other provinces are way behind. View More

BC: TransLink CEO's First Bumpy SkyTrain Drive

Leave it to TransLink management to screw up a driverless SkyTrain. View More

BC: TransLink's Shoddy SkyTrain Maintenance Record

TransLink's mismanagement of the Expo Line has been so bad it left a consultant saying, "Holy smokes!" 557 rail defects will do that to a guy. View More

BC: TransLink's Big Court Adventures

TransLink cops beating a black UBC student, and getting paid for five years while awaiting trial. And a judge yells at TransLink for wasting the court's valuable time. TransLink's response: waste even more time. View More

BC: Thin Calendar for Deposed Half-Million Dollar TransLink CEO

We didn't get much for the huge salary we paid Ian Jarvis after he was fired as TransLink CEO. View More

BC: Questions the Media Should Ask Trudeau, Clark & Robertson

Is there a big announcement coming tomorrow on TransLink? If there is, these questions should be asked. View More

BC: TransLink Polling on More Taxes?

Someone's spending some money asking Lower Mainlanders if we'd pay more in taxes to TransLink. View More

BC: TransLink's FOI Strategy

A leaked document explains TransLink's FOI strategy. View More

Tax Talk Live #10: Everyone... But The People

Hamish Marshall and Jordan Bateman talk with Paige MacPherson about their new book. View More

TransLink Hires a New CEO

And we're not impressed. View More

BC: Breaking Down Outgoing TransLink CEO Doug Allen's Review

Here's what we think of the document left behind by TransLink's outgoing CEO. View More

BC: TransLink Broke FOI Law

They delayed and delayed and ignored the FOI Commissioner. View More

BC: More TransLink Waste - Bad Diesel Shuttles

There's never money for new services (unless they hike taxes) - but there's always dough to cover TransLink's backsides on bad decisions. View More

BC: Jordan's Presentation to the BC Budget Committee

Jordan Bateman presented the CTF's budget recommendations to a legislative committee in Surrey yesterday. View More

BC: 5 Things About Surrey Light Rail Getting Tory Blessing

Five things to remember about today's Surrey light rail federal funding announcement. View More

How David Slayed the TransLink Giant

No TransLink Tax campaign manager (and friend of the CTF) Hamish Marshall lays out how our little $40,000 campaign took down the $7 million TransLink Mayor Machine. View More

Bateman: How David Slayed the TransLink Giant

How the CTF won a campaign when we were outspent 170-1 and down 14 points in the polls. View More
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