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Tell Prentice “Be Like Ralph!”

February 2, 2015
Tell Prentice “Be Like Ralph!”

When former Premier Ralph Klein faced low oil prices, he rolled up his sleeves and got government spending under control.

So why is current Premier Jim Prentice talking about tax hikes?

Premier Prentice has noted that Alberta has the “the highest cost of public services in Canada.” Last year the Alberta government spent $10,754 per person, while British Columbia’s government only spent $8,857 per person. In fact, if Alberta could merely get its spending down to B.C.’s levels, there would be no need to discuss tax hikes or racking up debt.

Tell Premier Prentice to get spending under control instead of raising taxes. Send him a friendly, but firm message – Be Like Ralph!

Download our Be Like Ralph! page, fill it out and email, fax or mail it to Premier Prentice’s office.

Also – don’t forget to sign our petition – click here.

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