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Campaign: AB: No tax dollars for pro sports arenas

The owners of the Calgary Flames want to build a new NHL arena and sports complex for their teams. Unfortunately they want taxpayers to foot a big chunk of the bill.

Campaign: Scrap the Carbon Tax

By 2018, the carbon tax will cost the average family with two children over $600 per year, just for driving their kids to school and themselves to work.

Campaign: No Calgary Olympic Bid

Calgary can't afford an expensive Olympic bid right now.

Campaign: Balance Alberta’s Budget

Would you rather see your tax dollars given to a bank in Toronto or used to fix a highway in Alberta?

AB: Scale Back Calgary’s Golden Benefits

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AB: No Calgary Olympic bid

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AB: Scrap the Alberta Carbon Tax

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AB: Fair Government Pay and Pensions

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Booming government is out of touch with Alberta’s realities

December 06, 2018
Despite the tough times – the thousands of layoffs and stubbornly high unemployment, the empty towers and the giant sucking sound of tax dollars leaving households and businesses – there is an industry in Alberta that marches on like the good times never left: Government. View More

Hosting Olympics is a bad way to grow the economy

October 11, 2018
If your goal is to give a real boost to the economy, which of these options would you choose: increase taxes, run up a deficit, transfer money between governments or put your economic eggs in a month long basket? Probably none of the above. Yet, this is how Calgary 2026 hopes to kick start the economy sometime in the next eight years. View More


Keating's False Statements

December 07, 2018
The following is a guest blog post by Colin Craig concerning comments by Councillor Keating about city council's golden pension plan, and Keating's recent comments about the city's retirement bonuses. View More

The Numbers are in: Olympics will Cost Taxpayers a Pretty Penny

September 14, 2018
This week, Calgary’s official Olympic bidding organization, “BidCo,” released their hosting plans for the 2026 winter games. The plan outlines how much the Olympics is expected to cost, infrastructure plans, expected revenues, and the total bill that must be covered by taxpayers. Let’s take a closer look at BidCo’s hosting plan and the potential bill (a little foreshadowing: taxpayers are expected to fork up a pretty penny). View More

Is Alberta going back into debt?

November 30, 2012

After previous Alberta politicians worked hard to get Alberta out of debt, it seems Premier Alison Redford has decided its time for the province to start borrowing money.

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Alberta tax dollars used to support the province's Conservative party

November 27, 2012

Alberta director Derek Fildebrandt comments on news Lynn Redford -- the sister of Alberta Conservative Premier Alison Redford -- used her position in the Alberta government to make donations to the province's Conservative party. The donations were made by the government department she worked for.

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CTF 2017-18 Pre-Budget Submission to the Government of Alberta

February 02, 2017
'Lifting the Burden: A roadmap for balanced budgets and tax relief in Alberta' calls on the government to balance the budget by 2019-20, pay down the province’s $28.4 billion debt as soon as possible, scrap the carbon tax and other tax hikes, and make meaningful reductions to spending. View More

CTF submission to Alberta Royalty Review panel

October 01, 2015
The CTF is happy to take part in ongoing stakeholder sessions for Alberta's Royalty Review panel. We surveyed our Alberta supporters to deliver their feedback to the panel. The overwhelming response we received was that royalties should be left alone. Our survey responses and a snapshot of the diverse responses we received are outlined in our submission to the panel. View More
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