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Campaign: SK: Reasonable not Rich Pensions

No one expects a government employee to work for peanuts. But at the same time, their pay and benefits shouldn’t be head and shoulders above the people footing the bill

SK: Stop the PST on All Insurance Premiums

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SK: Build a Saskatchewan Heritage Fund

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SK: Say No to a Carbon Tax!

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SK: Make Workers Compensation Board Refunds Automatic

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SK: Stop Saskatchewan's Dive into Debt

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Federal: Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans

Federal, Saskatchewan
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Harpauer delivers early returns on hard work

July 27, 2018
Here’s an important number the Finance Minister Donna Harpauer didn’t highlight in the final accounting for last year’s budget: Saskatchewan will save about $15 million on interest charges each and every year because the operational deficit got smaller. View More


Saskatchewan plans to cut corporate taxes

October 26, 2012

Prairie Director Colin Craig comments on the announced corporate tax cut in the Saskatchewan Throne Speech. Colin applauds the move and says the government should be considering personal income tax cuts as well. He says in order to achieve tax cuts the government must first control its spending.

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Billboards demand reform to MP pension plan

August 10, 2012

At a Regina news conference, CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig calls for changes to the MP pension plan.  The CTF has launched a billboard campaign calling on the federal government to make significant changes to the gold-plated plan.

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Sask Film Tax Credit Briefing

March 28, 2012

A short explanation on why the film industry is upset about the government's plan to get rid of the film tax credit. Right now the government gives the film industry upwards of 55% of their wages. Meanwhile, the typical Saskatchewan business receives nothing.

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Creating opportunity by controlling spending

February 21, 2011

A little over a decade ago, Saskatchewan was crippled by high income taxes, business taxes, sales taxes and property taxes. Saskatchewan was a ―have-not province, completely dependent on handouts from other provinces.

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eCycle Solutions web page

August 21, 2009

This is a copy of the eCycle Solutions web page where it states, "Because we are government subsidized our services represent a significant cost savings for you," a statement that vanished following a CTF commentary that pointed to the unfair playing field created by government-mandated eWaste recycling programs.

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