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Donate Campaign

Support Irv Leroux and Duty of Care for all Canadians!

August 24, 2015
Support Irv Leroux and Duty of Care for all Canadians!

Irv Leroux needs your support!

Irvin Leroux's ordeal began in 1996 when the CRA decided to audit his fledgling RV park business. The CRA claimed he owed them $600,000 – but a legal judgment a decade later showed the taxman actually owed Irv $25,000! By then it was too late – Irv had lost everything in his legal battle with the CRA. He has been fighting ever since to get the CRA to make him whole. For more on Irvin’s personal story, click here.

Unfortunately, the CRA does not believe it has any legal "duty" to taxpayers, or that it should be held to account when it is negligent. The CRA claims “officials administering taxation statutes in the normal course do not owe duties of care to individual taxpayers."

The CRA has launched a cross-appeal to defeat the "duty of care" precedent, and to force Irvin to pay the CRA's legal costs.

Irv Leroux needs your support! The CRA has taken everything away from Irv. He can’t even afford to fight this in court any more.

And that’s why the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has stepped up to the plate. We are fighting to protect this hard-won "duty of care" legal obligation on the CRA by raising money for Irvin's appeal.

Stop and imagine what it means for the tax department to be subject to a "duty of care." The CRA would no longer have the "right" to assess taxpayers in a negligent manner.

Taxpayers shouldn't be destroyed and reduced to nightmares about destitution because of this out-of-control, unaccountable government agency.



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