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CTF Releases "Taxpayers' Agenda", UCP Survey Results

August 11, 2017
CTF Releases

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released today a “Taxpayers’ Agenda for Alberta” – a list of ten priorities for the province – along with survey responses from United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership candidates about the ten policy issues.

The CTF developed the Taxpayers’ Agenda for Alberta after surveying its supporters this past July to determine their priorities for the province. Those running for leader of the UCP were sent a survey in early August to determine where they stand on the issues.

“Our supporters overwhelmingly indicated eliminating the carbon tax is their top priority,” said Colin Craig, Interim Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “Other top priorities included balancing the budget and scaling back government employee compensation.”

The ten items comprising the “Taxpayers’ Agenda for Alberta” include:

1) Eliminate the carbon tax within 100 days of taking office

2) Balance the budget by 2021-22 without raising taxes

3) Expand the Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act so that no new major taxes or tax hikes to major taxes can be imposed without a referendum

4) Commit to bringing back Alberta’s 10% single rate personal income tax

5) End all corporate welfare in Alberta

6) Push the federal government to reform equalization

7) Pass MLA recall legislation

8) Eliminate unnecessary government employee positions, cut government employees’ salaries by 10% and put new employees in a less costly pension plan (defined contribution)

9) Lead by example to reduce spending – eliminating MLAs’ car-related perks and ability to expense both per-kilometre mileage and gas for travel

10) Refuse to grant new taxing powers to municipalities and repeal any new taxing powers approved by the current government (without taxpayers approving the change through a referendum)

“We’re very pleased to see all four UCP leadership candidates support our call to eliminate the carbon tax within 100 days of taking office,” added Craig. “We’ve posted the survey results on our website so that Albertans know where the leadership candidates stand on the important issues facing the province.”

To view UCP leadership survey responses – click here


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