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Taxpayer Take on Sousa

April 29, 2014
Taxpayer Take on Sousa

MISSISSAUGA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has unveiled the latest billboard in itsBankrupting Ontario ad campaign. The campaign, launched last week in Charles Sousa’s home riding of Mississauga South, takes aim at the finance minister and his hostility towards balancing Ontario’s budget. The campaign is picking up steam after the media coverage last week, and has been able to raise money to buy additional billboards.

The new billboard reads “Charles Sousa’s Debt Falls on Their Shoulders” and features a picture of a young boy holding a piggy bank and a hammer.

High-resolution photos of the billboard can be downloaded here and here

“The Wynne government and especially Finance Minister Charles Sousa, refuse to acknowledge the treacherous state of Ontario’s finances,” said CTF Ontario Director Candice Malcolm. “Their willful ignorance may help them sleep at night, but it doesn’t exactly lend confidence to Ontario residents who are now on the hook for over $20,000 in per capita government debt.”

Ontario has the seventh-largest non-sovereign debt load in the world, in the company of Greece, Italy, Ireland, and the other Euro-debt crisis nations. Ontario has a greater reliance on borrowing and debt than any other province or state-level government in the world.

“The Bankrupting Ontario campaign highlights the Wynne government’s irresponsible, short-sighted, and reckless economic decisions,” said Malcolm. “Unfortunately, these politicians have their heads buried so deep in the sand they actually celebrate their multi-billion dollar borrowing schemes.”

“Today’s debt is tomorrow’s taxes,” said Malcolm. “And when the time finally comes to pay for this government’s exorbitant waste, it will be our children and grandchildren who get stuck with the massive bill.”


The latest Bankrupting Ontario billboard is located on Dixie Road in Mississauga near Catepillar Road. Ontario Director Candice Malcolm is available for photos or interviews in front of the billboard upon request.  More information on the campaign, including high resolution shots of the billboard images can be found


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