Canadian Taxpayers Federation releases framework for economic recovery

Author: Aaron Wudrick 16/09/2020


  • Reducing total federal spending by $30 billion, including cuts to MP and senator salaries
  • Tax reductions of $20 billion, including temporary elimination of the small business tax


OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation today released a framework for Canada’s economic recovery with recommendations to reduce federal government spending and cut taxes to ensure the economic recovery is led by Canadian families and businesses, rather than government.

“A handful of politicians and bureaucrats doling out taxpayers’ money to pick winners and losers and is a sitting duck for cronyism” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “A successful and sustainable economic recovery can only be led by Canadian families and Canadian businesses. The best way to do that is lighten the tax burden on struggling Canadians.”

The CTF’s Road to Recovery Framework is comprised of two major elements:

  • Winding down emergency measures and implementing additional spending discipline across the entire federal government (including reducing operational expenses to 2016-17 levels and ending corporate welfare).
  • Helping businesses survive and then thrive by reducing the burden they face (including a temporary elimination of small business taxes, a reduction of the general business rate and income tax cuts).

“Outside of government, countless Canadians have lost jobs, taken pay cuts, and seen their businesses decimated,” said Wudrick. “Inside government, there have not even been modest pay reductions, and, in some cases, government unions are negotiating significant pay raises. This is simply not sustainable in this new fiscal reality and obviously unfair to the taxpayers paying the freight.”

To read the full CTF Road to Recovery Framework, click HERE