Career Opportunity: Investigative Journalist

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is hiring an investigative journalist to write infuriating and hilarious stories about government waste.

Examples include:

  • A former governor general can keep tapping an expense account after dying;
  • A Crown corporation spent hundreds of thousands studying a home equity tax that all parties swear they won’t implement; and,
  • Bureaucrats funded a sex toy art exhibition in Germany.

There’s nothing better than writing stories that provoke readers to laugh or swear (or both) and it feels great to save taxpayers money by blowing the whistle on government waste.

This position is the ultimate in flexibility. There’s no need to rush into a newsroom at the crack of dawn or feverishly bang out a half-baked story before a midnight deadline. It’s a busy job with some long days, but the hours are flexible and it’s fine to work from home.

Our investigative journalist has to be curious enough to file more than 1,000 access to information requests per year and patiently listen to whistleblowers.

Applicants need to show they can write 50 to 100 provocative stories with technical clarity (i.e. Canadian Press style) per year. Managing freelancers to produce stories is an option.

This position creates content for The Taxpayer magazine, Taxpayer.com website, supporter emails, our YouTube channel as well as media distribution. It also takes the lead on producing content for the CTF’s annual Teddy Waste Awards event.

The investigative journalist must be committed to the CTF’s mandate to fight for: lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government.

This is a full-time, permanent, salaried position that works with the federal director and reports to the vice president, communications. Compensation will depend on qualifications and experience. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation was founded in 1990 and it’s growing across the country.

To Apply:

Applicants are invited to submit their resume, a portfolio of their journalism work (especially pieces that utilized ATI/FOI requests), salary expectations and references, along with a cover letter.

Inquiries may be directed through e-mail only to: Vice President, Communications Todd MacKay at [email protected].