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Cost of Kinder Morgan taxpayer buy-out is staggering

British Columbia Kinder Morgan Nationalization was completely unneeded

Doug Ford keeping carbon-tax promise to Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Ontario, Federal Premier-designate Ford announced his cabinet’s first act will be to cancel cap-and-trade and to challenge the federal carbon tax. Ford made this promise to Canadian Taxpayers in a public pledge signing on February 10.

CTF releases new report on council’s pension

Alberta The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released a new report today on the golden pension benefits provided to each member of Calgary’s city council. The CTF renewed its call for Calgary to copy Edmonton’s pension model going forward.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for elimination of federal excise tax on gasoline

Federal The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the federal government to remove the federal excise tax on gasoline in order to give Canadians relief at the pumps as part of the CTF’s 20th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day, with press conferences held across the country from Vancouver to Montreal.
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on May 13, 2018

Calgary's golf courses drowning in red ink

Calgary's golf courses drowning in red inkEarlier this year the Canadian Taxpayers Federation filed a Freedom of Information request with the City of Calgary to obtain revenue and expenditure figures for the city’s six golf courses. The city’s response shows the courses are drowning in red ink. Read More
on May 10, 2018

Dining in the sky on taxpayers’ dime

Dining in the sky on taxpayers’ dimeHave you ever wondered what politicians eat when they’re travelling? We were curious to find out (and to find out how much it cost taxpayers) so we filed some Access to Information requests for the food consumed on the Prime Minister’s plane for a few months last year. Read More
on April 13, 2018

Calgary's Olympic Bid: Top 5 Gaffes

Calgary's Olympic Bid: Top 5 GaffesIt’s not clear who is really pushing a Calgary Olympic bid behind the scenes, but it’s pretty clear the process has been a mess. Here are the “top 5 gaffes” related to Calgary’s Olympic bid exploration efforts so far... Read More
on April 10, 2018

Update on the high-flying CRTC Commissioner

Update on the high-flying CRTC CommissionerLast month we introduced you to Stephen B.Simpson, the CRTC’s British Columbia & Yukon commissioner and his preference for expensive flights and suggested maybe he stay home in BC. Except it turns out maybe his home isn’t even in BC. Read More


Recent Media

Ottawa buys the Kinder Morgan pipeline

CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick comments on the Trudeau government's recent purchase of Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Carbon taxes: The Washington State experience

The CTF launched a cross-country tour with Todd Myers, Director for the Center for the Environment at the Washington Policy Center, to share lessons from his state’s experience with carbon taxes.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for lower gas taxes

The CTF called on the federal government to remove the federal excise tax on gasoline in order to give Canadians relief at the pumps as part of the CTF’s 20th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day event.

CTF seeks intervenor status in Kinder Morgan pipeline court case

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is joining the fight over the Kinder Morgan pipeline. We are seeking intervenor status in the ongoing court fight, standing up for taxpayers. Oil and gas are vital to our economy and to our modern way of life- this pipeline needs to be built or we won’t have the money and salaries needed to pay the sky high taxes imposed on us in the first place. Help us by visiting - Stand Up and Be Heard

Trudeau's escaltor tax hits alcohol on April 1

CTF's VP Communications Scott Hennig comments on the recent 1.5% increase in alcohol tax on April 1, 2018. In the last federal budget, the Trudeau government introduced the escalator tax that automatically increases the tax on alcohol each year without debating it in the House of Commons.

Give Calgary taxpayers a say on hosting the Olympics

The Alberta government stated it would provide financial support for Calgary's Olympic bid provided the city holds a plebiscite and Calgarians agree to host the Olynpics.

Ontario's 2018 Budget

The CTF's Christine Van Geyn was in the Ontario Budget lockup today. Here's her take on the 2018 Ontario budget. Spoiler: higher spending, higher debt and higher taxes.

Corporate welfare for Bombardier?

After hearing news, Bombardier executives received a 12% pay increase in 2017, CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick questions the taxpayer bailouts given the corporation?

Concerns about the 2018 Alberta budget

CTF's VP Communications Scott Hennig expresses his concerns about the 2018 Alberta budget. The government stated that it expects the provincial debt to hit $96 Billion in five years.

BC's sky-rocketing gas prices

CTF BC Director Kris Sims says BC sky high gas prices are expected to go even higher.

Alberta's monstrous debt forecast

The Alberta government expects the provincial debt will hit $96 billion in the next five years. CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig says the debt's growth rate under the NDP government is unprecedented in that province.

Manitoba implements a carbon tax

CTF Prairie Director Todd MacKay comments on the Mantioba government's new carbon tax.

Foreign Oil's Free Pass

New documents show the Trudeau government put up a barrier in front of Canadian oil, but rolled out the red carpet for foreign oil. This approach is costing taxpayers billions! Music ⓒ - Kevin MacLeod Terms and conditions

Is ICBC ready to crack down on good drivers?

Despite what ICBC claims, BC is not full of bad drivers. BC Director Kris Sims comments on suggestions ICBC may start raising the premiums of good drivers in order to deal with its $1.3 billion deficit. ICBC already has some of the highest car insurance rates in Canada.

Dismantling Parliament Hill's Outdoor Rink

After wasting $8.2 million on a temporary outdoor rink on Parliament Hill, the federal government is now tearing it down.
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