This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountability. We push important ideas to shrink tax bills. We expose funny and infuriating stories about governments wasting money on stupid things. And we hold politicians accountable because taxpayers deserve transparency. This podcast is produced by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

#97 Why Don’t Politicians Talk about Inflation?....Click here to listen 

#96 Inflation Tax is Driving Up the Price of Everything....Click here to listen 

#95 Quebec Taxpayers Say No to New Baseball Stadium....Click here to listen 

#94 TWO DOLLAR GAS?....Click here to listen 


#92 BIG ISSUES- THE TAX BURDEN....Click here to listen 

#91 BIG ISSUES- GOVERNMENT DEBT....Click here to listen 

#90 BIG ISSUES- FREEDOM OF SPEECH....Click here to listen 

#89 BIG ISSUE- GUN BANS....Click here to listen 

#88 Q and A with Premier Jason Kenney....Click here to listen 

#87 BIG ISSUES- HOME EQUITY TAX....Click here to listen 

#86 BIG ISSUES- CARBON TAX....Click here to listen 

#85 INTERVIEW w Andrew Lawton – Stopping the Gun Buyback....Click here to listen 

#84 Provincial Governments Buying Red Ink by the Barrel....Click here to listen 

#83 Federal Government Won’t Balance Budget Until 2070....Click here to listen 

#82 Need to Lose a Few? Sugar Taxes Won’t Help....Click here to listen 

#81 INTERVIEW w Tom Korski – Tom was wrong (and he’s happy about it)....Click here to listen  

#80 INTERVIEW w Matt Bufton – Is there room for small government on big campuses?....Click here to listen  

#79 Even the PBO Can’t Guess the Cost of the Gun Buyback....Click here to listen  

#78 Senators are Good at Something (Hint... Stalling C-10)....Click here to listen  

#77 Trudeau Gun Grab Bills Skyrocket....Click here to listen  

#76 INTERVIEW: Rob Louie is fighting for accountability within First Nations governments....Click here to listen  

#75 What Unifies Politicians? Higher Taxes....Click here to listen  

#74 INTERVIEW w Tom Korski – What’s the rush on internet regulation/censorship?....Click here to listen  

#73 Bureaucrats Get Pay Raises, Ottawa Subsidizes Dead People, Doug Ford Bungles License Plates....Click here to listen  

#72 Tax Freedom Day, Life After COVID, Rideau Hall Delays Bring High Cost....Click here to listen 

#71 Ottawa Mayor Subsidizes Porsche, Mike Duffy Gets $4,000 a Week from Taxpayers, Failed UN Security Seat Campaign Bills Soar....Click here to listen

#70 Montreal and Toronto Bet Billions on Parks, Canadians Dinged on Gas Taxes, Feds Subsidize Margaret Atwood Book Tour....Click here to listen

#69 INTERVIEW – Tom Korski, on the C-10 Mess....Click here to listen

#68 Carbon Taxes Don’t Work, Newfoundland Swimming in Debt, Kamloops Calls in Feds....Click here to listen 

#67 University Bailouts, Internet Censorship Legislation, Doug Ford Goes Hollywood North....Click here to listen 

#66 Trudeau’s Tax Hikes, O’Toole Carbon Tax Price Tag, One Expensive Toilet....Click here to listen 

#65 Stadium Deals are Bad Deals, Guaranteed Income Bill, CMHC Spent Over $900,000 on Name Change....Click here to listen 

#64 O’Toole Breaks Carbon Tax Promise, Budget a Debt-Fueled Spending Binge, Bills Pile Up After Cancelled Barbados Trip....Click here to listen 

#63 Canadians Dislike Carbon Tax, Bracing for the Budget, Green Energy Boondoggles....Click here to listen 

#62 Nova Scotia’s Balanced Budget Plan, April Tax Hikes, Health Canada Pays for Tweets....Click here to listen 

#61 INTERVIEW – Danielle Smith, on the Future of the Press....Click here to listen 

#60 Huge Win for Alberta Taxpayers, Carbon Tax Fight Continues, Home Equity Tax?....Click here to listen 

#59 Trudeau Sets No-Budget Record, Lockdowns Postpone Surgeries, Canadians Billed to Study Abandoned Barn....Click here to listen 

#58 The 2021 Teddy Waste Awards....Click here to listen 

#57 MP Raises, Toronto Park Boondoggle, and Doug Ford Breaks Per Vote Promise....Click here to listen 

#56 Huge Petition to Cut Off Julie Payette’s Expense Account, Home Heating Bills Hammered by Carbon Tax, and B.C. Bureaucrat Blows $500,000....Click here to listen 

#55 Gun Ban Gets More Expensive (and Weird), Ontario Politicians Laugh about Pay Cuts, and Navy Ships Billions Overbudget....Click here to listen    

#54 INTERVIEW –Darryl Plecas, on Transparency and Accountability....Click here to listen    

#53 Cut Off Governors General, Wealth Tax Will Backfire, and Montreal Buys Snow?....Click here to listen    

#52 Bell Cuts Jobs While Taking Wage Subsidy, National Debt Ballooning, and Trudeau’s Trees Getting Expensive....Click here to listen   

#51 Fighting for Pipelines in Court, Government Childcare a Pricey Proposal, and Ontario’s French University Flops....Click here to listen 

#50 Fighting Against Equalization, Explaining the Great Reset, and Governor Generals Billing Us Beyond the Grave....Click here to listen 

#49 INTERVIEW – Ted Morton on Equalization....Click here to listen     

#48 Payette Getting Paid for Life, Trudeau’s Second Carbon Tax, and Costa Rica Vacation Costs Revealed....Click here to listen   

#47 INTERVIEW – Brian Sauvé, President of the National Police Federation....Click here to listen   

#46 Trudeau Raising Taxes (Again), Canada Fails on Transparency, and Ontario Health Executives Get Big Payouts....Click here to listen   

#45 Recall Legislation, Magic Carbon Tax Math, and Montreal Pays for Snow....Click here to listen   

#44 Year in Review with CTF President Scott Hennig....Click here to listen 

#43 Best of Waste Watch....Click here to listen 

#42 Debt Clock Officially Broken, Our Naughty and Nice List, and Quebec Subsidized Porn....Click here to listen 

#41 INTERVIEW – Alberta MLA Drew Barnes....Click here to listen 

#40 Deficit Skyrocketing Yet Again, Feds Lied About Carbon Tax Hike, and Infrastructure Bank CEO Exit Costs a Bundle....Click here to listen 

#39 How High Can Carbon Taxes Go, Trudeau Broke Our Debt Clock, and Corporate Welfare A World Away....Click here to listen 

#38 MPs Stop Taking Our Lunch Money, Messy Military Purchases Cost Billions, and Millions Thrown Away on Failed Security Seat Campaign....Click here to listen 

#37 The Great Reset Canada Really Needs, Alberta’s Cutting Government Pay, and Feds Pay for Art in Empty Offices....Click here to listen 

#36 INTERVIEW – Colin Craig, SecondStreet.org....Click here to listen

#35 Driving Taxes, Netflix and Bills, and Costs Spike for Meghan and Harry....Click here to listen

#34 Big Win on Calgary Mayor’s Double Pension, The Cost of COVID Rises, and Québec Bureaucrat Blows a Bundle on a Car Rental....Click here to listen

#33 The Mystery of Money-Losing Timmies, Access to Information Shutdown, and Rideau Hall Renovation Costs Skyrocket..Click here to listen

#32 INTERVIEW – Neal Winokur – the Grumpy Accountant..Click here to listen

#31 Canada’s Deficit the Biggest in the World, Alberta and Quebec Agree C-69 is Bad, and Quebec Keeps Crashing Ships into Docks..Click here to listen

#30 Liberals Flip Table Over WE Charity Scandal, Federal Greens Raise Destructive Death Taxes, and Quebec Government Bills Taxpayers to Lobby Itself..Click here to listen

#29 BC Liberals Look at Chopping PST, Wealth Taxes Will Hurt Families, and Julie Payette Breaks the Bank..Click here to listen

#28 INTERVIEW Dan McTeague – Canadians for Affordable Energy president talks about Trudeau’s second carbon tax..Click here to listen

#27 Trudeau Tosses His Fiscal Anchors, Ford Gets Taxpayer Money to CUT Jobs, and Tesla’s Crappy Car Nets Big Subsidies..Click here to listen

#26 Throne Speech Spending Spree, Trudeau’s Secret Second Carbon Tax, and Vancouver City Hall Splurges on Fancy Chairs..Click here to listen

#25 Legal Fight for Health-Care Choice, B.C. Carbon Tax Not Working (Again), and Corporate Welfare Refinery Fail..Click here to listen

#24 Conservatives Pay Back Wage Subsidy, Road to Recovery Needs Tax Cuts and Bureaucrats Throw Themselves a Red-Carpet Gala..Click here to listen

#23 Canada’s Credit Rating Falls, Bureaucrat Salaries Need to Shrink and Taxpayers Pay for Rock Star Photos and Sex Toy Exhibit..Click here to listen

#22 INTERVIEW Saqib Qureshi, author of Broken Promise..Click here to listen

#21 CERB Hurting Back-To-Work Efforts, Morneau Jumps Ship, and Negotiations Bills Get Crazy..Click here to listen

#20 An Apology and a Mystery, O’Toole’s Promises to Taxpayers, and Governor General’s Costs Skyrocket..Click here to listen

#19 INTERVIEW Cassandra Parker..Click here to listen

#18 Feds Spend Thousands on Harrington Lake Vanities, We Win on Judges’ Pay, and Political Parties Head to the Trough, Again..Click here to listen

#17 INTERVIEW Preston Manning..Click here to listen

#16 Trudeau’s WE Troubles Continue, Harrington Lake Renovation Costs Soar and Quebec Invests in Flying Whales?..Click here to listen

#15 Ottawa Studies Home Tax, Atlantic Canada Has Tax Problems, and Catherine McKenna Spends Thousands on Photo Shoots..Click here to listen

#14 We Speak to the Conservative Party Leadership Candidates..Click here to listen

#13 WE Charity Scandal Deepens, Canada’s Deficit Skyrockets, and Health Canada Spends Big Bucks on Oatmeal Photos..Click here to listen

#12 Alberta Oil Heads East (the Long Way), We Join the Fight Against the Gun Ban, and Ottawa’s Stinking Station Problem..Click here to listen

#11: CERB’s Unintended Consequences, Bombardier Back at the Trough, and Health Bureaucrats Book Conference After Lockdown..Click here to listen

#10: Conservative Candidates Pledge to Scrap Carbon Tax, Alberta to Vote on Equalization, and Canada’s failed UN Security Council Campaign..Click here to listen

#9: Meghan and Harry’s Security Bills Released, Charmaine Stick’s Case Back in Court, and Quebec Government Pays Severance for Lobbyists ..Click here to listen

#8 Senators Take a Pay Raise, Judges Demanding Pay Raises, Taxpayers Billed for Hollywood Party, and New Zealand’s Gun Buyback..Click here to listen

#7 Political Parties at the Trough, Toronto’s Multibillion Dollar Sky Park, and Taxpayers Pay for Jazz Concerts in South America..Click here to listen

#6 Charlie Angus Blasts Regional Offices, Concerns Over CERB Fraud, and Montreal Blows Money on Mushroom Statues During Pandemic..Click here to listen

#5 Gas Tax Honesty, Canadians Pay Higher Carbon Taxes and Ghost Government Offices Costing Millions..Click here to listen

#4 VICTORY – 18% Mask Tariffs Dropped, Two Thirds of Canadians Want MPs to Cut Their Pay, Trudeau’s Gun Ban and Buyback, Corrupt Mayor Makes Off Like Bandit, and Former MP Michelle Simson Interview about MP Pay and Transparency...Click here to listen

#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs...Click here to listen

#2: Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres...Click here to listen

EPISODE ONE: Politician Pay Cuts, Power Grabs, and Gold in a Creek...Click here to listen