This podcast is for Canadians who want lower taxes, less waste and more accountability. We push important ideas to shrink tax bills. We expose funny and infuriating stories about governments wasting money on stupid things. And we hold politicians accountable because taxpayers deserve transparency. This podcast is produced by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

#6 Charlie Angus Blasts Regional Offices, Concerns Over CERB Fraud, and Montreal Blows Money on Mushroom Statues During Pandemic..Click here to listen

#5 Gas Tax Honesty, Canadians Pay Higher Carbon Taxes and Ghost Government Offices Costing Millions..Click here to listen

#4 VICTORY – 18% Mask Tariffs Dropped, Two Thirds of Canadians Want MPs to Cut Their Pay, Trudeau’s Gun Ban and Buyback, Corrupt Mayor Makes Off Like Bandit, and Former MP Michelle Simson Interview about MP Pay and Transparency...Click here to listen

#3 Runaway Cottage Renos, Lifting the Lockdown, and Thousands Spent on Flying Chefs...Click here to listen

#2: Big Border Taxes on Medical Masks, B.C.’s Carbon Tax Experiment, and Illegal Gambling at Seniors Centres...Click here to listen

EPISODE ONE: Politician Pay Cuts, Power Grabs, and Gold in a Creek...Click here to listen