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Teddies and the TaxFighter

Teddies and the TaxFighter

The Teddies

Hollywood has its Oscars, we have the Teddies. The Teddies, handed out at a black tie news conference each February, honour the best of the worst of high taxes and wasteful government spending.

A golden sow is awarded federally, provincially and for lifetime achievement to any bureaucrat, politician, government or government agency that demonstrates a unique ability to waste or increase our taxes.

Founded in 1999, the Teddies are named after Ted Weatherill a former senior public servant who was terminated in 1998 for "expenses incurred by him ... incompatible with his position as Chairman of the Canada Labour Relations Board."

Ted's most famous expense was a $733.43 lunch for two in Paris! It's always tough selecting nominees worthy of an award in Mr. Weatherill's honour ... but as taxpayers well know, we manage!

Past recipients include the former NDP government of British Columbia for the "fast ferry fiasco", the federal government for its firearms registry and former Member of Parliament Sheila Copps in the 'lifetime achievement' category.


The Ted Weatherill Award (a Teddy) is awarded annually to a public office holder, civil servant or agency of government, that most exemplifies government waste, overspending, over-taxation, excessive regulation, lack of accountability, or any combination of the five. A Teddy may be awarded on the basis of past accomplishments in the following categories: Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Lifetime Achievement.

To nominate, please send us an email.

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TaxFighter of the Year

On the other side of the coin is the CTF's TaxFighter Award given on unique occasions to a Canadian who demonstrates outstanding commitment and dedication to the cause of taxpayer emancipation.

Early in our existence, the CTF recognized that we can’t just be “negative Nellies.” When politicians, bureaucrats or just regular Canadians step up and show an extraordinary commitment to the cause of taxpayer emancipation, they too should be lauded. And thus the TaxFighter Award was born.

The first recipient of the CTF’s TaxFighter Award was Paul Pagnuelo in 1997. Paul was the CTF’s first volunteer communications director in Ontario.

In the 18 years since, over 20 other Canadians have been added to the TaxFighter Honour Roll. Some have been former politicians, some have been journalists, some have dedicated their time and their careers to taxpayer advocacy and others are just regular folks who have gone the extra mile.

In 2016, CTF presented its TaxFighter to Irvin Leroux. His two-decade legal battle with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) secured a landmark ruling that said CRA owes all taxpayers a “duty of care,” meaning if CRA abuses taxpayers, it can be held liable for damages. The CTF provided financial assistance to the court case when the CRA challenged the Duty of Care ruling.

Past recipients of the TaxFighter Award include radio talkshow host Dave Rutherford of QR77 Radio in Calgary and former Ontario premier Mike Harris for passage of Ontario's Taxpayer Protection Act.

To nominate, please send us an email.

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