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Federal: Put Parliament's Expense Receipts Online


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To Chair of the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy, and Chair of the Senate Internal Economy Committee:

MPs and Senators should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers with how they spend taxpayers' money. As has been demonstrated with MP and MLA spending scandals in the UK, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and with the Senate, taxpayers have good reason to want to see how those dollars are spent.

The current practice of simply reporting expenditure totals by category is not sufficient. The Province of Alberta and the City of Toronto have commendably posted the receipts of their elected officials' expenses online.

We the undersigned call on the House of Commons and the Senate to follow the Alberta government’s lead and place all MPs and Senators' expenses online (including receipts).

You have the power to change who influences politics in our country: big unions, big corporations and government-funded special interest groups can be challenged by the contributions of thousands of individual taxpayers who care to make a difference.



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