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BC: Close the Public-Private Pay Gap

British Columbia

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To the leaders of B.C.'s political parties,

Whereas, it is unfair that 88.6% of B.C.'s public sector employees have workplace pension plans, while only 19.7% of private sector employees do. It is even more unfair that 84.7% of those government pension plans are expensive defined-benefit plans, something only 9.7%  of private sector employees have.

Further, many government and Crown corporation employees are paid more than the same worker would get in the private sector.

The introduction of a Compensation Equity Act would make it illegal for a public servant to be paid more than they would earn for the same job in the private sector; it would factor in pension as a deferred income; it would set out salary caps for executives and build a cadre of skilled negotiators who could grind down government pay and benefits.

We, the undersigned residents of British Columbia, request you add a Compensation Equity Act to your election platforms and legislate such an Act as soon as you form government.

You have the power to change who influences politics in our country: big unions, big corporations and government-funded special interest groups can be challenged by the contributions of thousands of individual taxpayers who care to make a difference.



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