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— Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director

Want to stop government waste?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated with politicians wasting your tax dollars.

We get it. Politicians are spending more than ever. The problem is starting to hit home for everyone when they fill up the car or pick up groceries.

But there’s also good news: there are more Canadians standing with you than ever. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are waking up to what you already know and realizing they can’t turn a blind eye to government waste.

And they’re rolling up their sleeves to take action with the CTF.

You know the media is ignoring a lot of government waste so we hired our own investigative journalist focused entirely on digging into government waste and he’s already blown the whistle on outrageous stories:

You know lasting change depends on young people. The CTF’s youth organization is called Generation Screwed because young people will be stuck paying for runaway government spending and borrowing. We’re rebuilding Generation Screwed now that campuses are reopening and these young activists are already organizing campus clubs at the University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, McGill University and many more.

And that’s on top of our work you already know about. The National Debt Clock is showing Canadians how fast the government is borrowing money in real time. Thousands of Canadians are signing petitions to fight the carbon tax. And we keep highlighting the fact that hidden taxes are a huge chunk of the price of gas.

Some people like to complain about politics, but they never doing anything about it. CTF supporters are different. They’ve got their own investigative reporter digging into waste and putting our National Debt Clock on the road to show Canadians the federal debt flying up. Thousands of CTF supporters across Canada are making a difference.

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