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Do you believe government bureaucrats should have the power to mess with your news and streaming feeds? Do you trust government bureaucrats to decide what you are able to say and see online?

Do you want the government to interfere with your ability to look at the news sources of your choice?

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This is the real reason why we created this resource and that’s why we’re working to get it into as many Canadians’ hands as possible.

You wouldn’t think that Canadians need to be informed about how much is at stake in this censorship fight – but many people just don’t know about the scope of the Trudeau government’s censorship bill. That’s why we need to reach as many people as possible about this threat to Canadians’ ability to hold the government to account.

The first step is to present people with the truth about what the Trudeau government is trying to do through Bill C-11. Then, we have the opportunity to get them to step up and help prevent Bill C-11 from becoming law.

Our goal is the build a big enough community of Canadians who are aware of the dangers of Bill C-11 and just how much is at stake in this censorship fight. But we can’t do that without the support of donors like you.

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