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Nanos Poll Shows Ontarians Oppose Both Wynne and Brown on Carbon Taxes

Ontario Poll commissioned by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shows over 60 per cent of Ontarians oppose cap and trade. Poll also reveals 58 per cent of Ontarians less likely to vote for a politician who supports a carbon tax on gasoline and heating fuels

The NDP must find its way on carbon taxes

Saskatchewan Saskatchewanians across the political spectrum are worried a carbon tax will make it harder for them to drive to work and heat their homes, but won’t actually the environment. If both sides of the Legislature unite in the fight against carbon taxes, it will send a strong message to Ottawa. The NDP must chart the correct course on carbon taxes to find its way out of the wilderness.

Ten Reasons The Bombardier Bailout Is Bad News

Federal Last week, the Trudeau government announced a $372.5 million ‘repayable loan’ to Bombardier, who had been asking for $1.3 billion in support for it’s C-Series aircraft since November 2015. While Bombardier executives are all smiles at this announcement, here are ten reasons why this bailout is bad news for Canadians.

Career Opportunity: Director of Special Projects

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), Canada’s leading non-partisan, not-for-profit citizens’ advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government, has an opening for the position of Director of Special Projects.
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Rachel Notley tells Albertans to "take the bus"

The CTF's Alberta Director Paige MacPherson on the tone-deaf Premier Rachel Notley telling Albertans to take the bus if they don't like the carbon tax.

Charmaine Stick's fight for Band accountability

For years, Onion Lake Cree Nation band member, Charmaine Stick, has been battling her band council to release salaries of its chief and councilors and as well the band's financial documents. With the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, she will soon have her day in court.

Charmaine Stick's fight for First Nations Transpareny and Accountability

Meet Charmaine Stick. She is an unbelievably brave First Nations woman who has been standing up to her chief and band council. If she is successful with her court action, it will set the precedent across Canada. The CTF is proud to stand with her. Share this video and learn more about how you can support Charmaine at

Band member takes Onion Lake Cree Nation to court

Onion Lake Cree Nation Band member Charmaine Stick is taking her band's chief and council to court to force them to release the band's financial statements.

Charmaine Stick Challenges Onion Lake Cree Nation in court

With the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Onion Lake Cree Nation member is taking her band's leadership to court to force them to release the band's financial documents.

Onion Lake Cree Nation facing court challenge

When the chief and council of Onion Lake Cree Nation refused to release the band's financial documents, with the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation band member Charmaine Stick decided to take them to court.

Taking Onion Lake Cree Nation to court over transparency

As a member of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, Charmaine Stick asked the chief and council to release the band's financial documents. When they refused, Charmaine, with the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, decided to take the band to court to force them to release the information.

CTF Debt Clock rolls into Kingston

As part of a Debt Clock tour put on by the CTF's youth wing -- Generation Screwed. The Debt Clock rolled into Kingston, Ontario for a visit to Queen's University.

Generation Screwed Debt Clock Tour

Generation Screwed, the youth wing of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, recently took the Debt Clock on a tour of university campuses. The goal was to let students know that their generation will ultimately be responsible for the debt governments are wracking up today.

Ontario wine taxes go up again

Did you know that 65.5% of the price of a bottle of wine produced in Ontario is tax and for imported wine it's 71.5%? Those taxes increased today to 67.5% and 73.5% respectively and more tax increases are on the way.

CTF awards Irv Leroux TaxFighter of Year Award

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation awarded BC resident Irv Leroux its TaxFighter of the Year Award at a ceremony this past May. In his decade-long battle with the Canada Revenue Agency over its wrongful tax claim, the courts ruled the CRA owed a Duty of Care to Canadians. The precedent set in this court case -- that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation helped fund -- is already being used in other legal disputes with the federal tax collection agency.

40% gas taxes in Quebec

At a Montreal news conference CTF Quebec director Carl Vallée breakdowns the high gas taxes paid by people in Quebec as part of the CTF's annual Gas Tax Honesty Day. Taxes work out to about 40% of the price of a litre of gasoline. As part of this, he says each year the average driver pays about $100 in taxes on taxes.


Maxime Bernier s’engage à rétablir l’équilibre budgétaire dans les 24 mois suivant son élection. Il est le premier à signer le serment pour la protection des générations futures du groupe Générations trompées.,-bureaucracy,-holds-up-student-clubs

'Anti-oppression' training, bureaucracy, holds up student clubs

If students at the University of Guelph want to start, say, a chess club, they first have to take "anti-oppression" training that includes learning about ableism, saneism, classism and other ideas.

CTF works to ensure a PST cut is a top election issue in Manitoba

The CTF unleashes its mascot, Fibber, to push for a cut in the Provincial Sales Tax during the Manitoba provincial election.
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