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Morneau's Missed Chance Should Concern Canadians

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveiled the Trudeau government’s second budget this week, and in many ways it wasn’t a new budget at all, but just a clarification of many measures from last year. In some ways, that’s a relief, because last year was a veritable spending spree, with Morneau plunging the country into a $23 billion deficit (a far cry from the Liberals’ promise of three years of ‘modest’ $10 billion deficits) and didn’t even provide a plan on how they would climb out of it – ever. One can be forgiven for bracing for yet another multi-billion increase in the deficit.

After Québec Hits Zero Deficit, Zero Equalization Should be Next

Quebec MONTRÉAL, QC: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today released a study demonstrating the perverse effects of federal transfers on Québec. The report also challenges the Quebec government to achieve “Zero Equalization” by 2025.

Taxpayers Federation: Morneau’s ‘Feelings’ Budget Kicks the Deficit Can Down the Road

Federal The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today expressed concern about the Trudeau government’s second budget which failed to provide a clear fiscal path to eliminate the deficit, while repackaging existing subsidy programs as “innovation” measures.

Taxpayers Hit with the Bill for Saskatchewan Deficits

Saskatchewan REGINA, SK: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is disappointed with the Saskatchewan government’s decision to stick taxpayers with most of the bill for the provincial deficit in the 2017 budget.
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Recent Media

Alberta budget shocks taxpayers

Interview with CTF VP, Communications Scott Hennig on the 2017 Alberta Budget.

Shocking levels of Alberta government debt

CTF VP, Communications Scott Hennig talks about the shocking levels of debt projected in the 2017 Alberta Budget. It will be $45 billion this year and is expected to increase to $71 billion in 2020.

Kevin O'Leary signs fututre generation's pledge

Conservative federal leader candidate Kevin O'Leary signs Generation Screwed's Future Generations Protection Pledge promising to balance the Federal budget within two years if elected Prime Minister.

O'Leary signs pledge to balance the federal budget if elected Prime Minister

Conservative Party leadership candidate Kevin O'Leary signs pledge promising to balance the federal budget within two years if elected Prime Minister.

CTF questions spending on swanky conference by BC Lottery

A Freedom of Information request by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation uncovered BC Lottery Corporation's $208,000 loss on its 2016 New Horizons in Responsible Gaming conference.

Victory: BC government announces plans to scrap the MSP

fter a long hard fought battle by the CTF, the BC government announces cuts to Medical Services Premium.

VICTORY: BC government announces plans to cut MSP

CTF BC director Jordan Bateman has been battling for years to have the BC government cut the Medical Services Premium. He was delighted when the government announced plans in this year's budget to reduce the premium.

BC government announces cuts to the MSP

BC government announces plans to cut the Medical Services Premiums. If the government is re-elected, the premium will be cut in half for those earning less than a $100,000.

2017 CTF Teddy Waste Awards

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation held its 19th annual Teddy Waste Awards ceremony, celebrating the best of the worst in government waste from the past year. CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick served as host, joined by the CTF’s pig mascot Porky the Waster Hater and talented event hostess Sam.

Victoria Bridge Wins CTF's Municipal Teddy

CTF awarded its Municipal Teddy to the City of Victoria for its bungled Blue Bridge project. This was part of the CTF's annual Teddy Awards held this year on February 22nd honouring the best of the worst of government spending.

Rachel Notley tells Albertans to "take the bus"

The CTF's Alberta Director Paige MacPherson on the tone-deaf Premier Rachel Notley telling Albertans to take the bus if they don't like the carbon tax.

Charmaine Stick's fight for Band accountability

For years, Onion Lake Cree Nation band member, Charmaine Stick, has been battling her band council to release salaries of its chief and councilors and as well the band's financial documents. With the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, she will soon have her day in court.

Charmaine Stick's fight for First Nations Transpareny and Accountability

Meet Charmaine Stick. She is an unbelievably brave First Nations woman who has been standing up to her chief and band council. If she is successful with her court action, it will set the precedent across Canada. The CTF is proud to stand with her. Share this video and learn more about how you can support Charmaine at

Band member takes Onion Lake Cree Nation to court

Onion Lake Cree Nation Band member Charmaine Stick is taking her band's chief and council to court to force them to release the band's financial statements.

Charmaine Stick Challenges Onion Lake Cree Nation in court

With the help of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Onion Lake Cree Nation member is taking her band's leadership to court to force them to release the band's financial documents.
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