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Top Budget Wishes for 2015

Saskatchewan Recently the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) met with Saskatchewan Finance Minister Ken Krawetz to discuss our recommendations for the upcoming budget. Here are some of the ideas we put forward...

BC: CTF Releases Taxpayers’ Naughty and Nice List

British Columbia The CTF releases its B.C. Naughty and Nice List, highlighting politicians and agencies who either cost – or saved – taxpayers money this year.

CTF Condemns Corporate Welfare for Pratt & Whitney

Federal The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today expressed severe disappointment at the federal government’s announcement to provide Pratt & Whitney Canada with a $300 million dollar “loan

Career Opportunity: Prairie Communications Director (Saskatchewan and Manitoba)

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Canada’s leading non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government has an opening for the position of Prairie Director (Communications).

Ontario: Axe the Travel Tax

Flying is one of the most heavily taxed activities in Canada. Sign the petition

I Stand with Irv

Irvin Leroux lost everything fighting the CRA over the past 18 years – but he delivered an important victory for taxpayers: a ruling saying CRA owes all of us a “duty of care” when dealing with our tax issues. Sign the petition

AB: MLA Recall

Citizens deserve the right to hold their elected officials accountable more than once every four years. Sign the petition

BC: Rebate Our School Taxes!

British Columbia
We, the undersigned, request the B.C. government rebate all citizens of the province with the savings incurred by the ongoing labour dispute with the BC Teachers’ Federation. Sign the petition

Federal: No Pensions for Politicians Who Steal

When an MP or a Senator is convicted of stealing money and abusing the trust of taxpayers while they are sitting in the Parliament of Canada, they should forfeit their right to collect a gold-plated Parliamentary Pension. Sign the petition

Federal: National Referendum on Abolishing the Senate

The Canadian Senate is neither elected nor accountable to Canadians. For nearly 20 years, politicians have dragged their feet on Senate reform. Sign the petition

Federal: Put Parliament's Expense Receipts Online

MPs and Senators should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers with how they spend taxpayers' money. Sign the petition

MB: Reverse PST Hike

Petition to stop the Manitoba government from raising the PST. Sign the petition

Federal: Lower gas taxes & dedicate them to roads

Require the federal government by law to continue dedicating all gas and diesel taxes to roads. Sign the petition

Federal: Balance the Federal Budget

Since 2008-09, the federal government has run five successive deficit budgets, adding more than $150 billion to our federal debt. Sign the petition

NS: Balance the Nova Scotia Budget

We the undersigned, demand the Nova Scotia government honor its commitment to balance the budget in 2013-14 Sign the petition

AB: No Tax Hikes!

In August 2011 Premier Redford committed in writing, if elected, her government would balance the budget by 2013 without raising taxes. Sign the petition

Federal: Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans

Federal, Saskatchewan
Taxpayers can't afford to keep paying billions of dollars each year to bailout government employee pension plans. Sign the petition

SK: Debt Free Saskatchewan

From 2012 to 2017 the Saskatchewan government plans to repay a mere $400 million of provincial debt. Sign the petition

MB: Eliminate bracket creep

Manitoba is one of the few jurisdictions in Canada that unfairly taxes citizens through a back door form of taxation known as bracket creep. Sign the petition

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on December 17, 2014

SK: 2015 Pre-budget Recommendations

SK: 2015 Pre-budget Recommendations Each year the Canadian Taxpayers Federation sits down with Saskatchewan's Finance Minister and presents our recommendations for the upcoming budget. Here's what we put forward this year (for the 2015 budget)... Read More
on December 17, 2014

MB: Downtown Biz Numbers

MB: Downtown Biz NumbersA little while ago someone suggested to me that the number of businesses in downtown Winnipeg had dropped. I asked the city for numbers and here's what they had to say... Read More


Recent Media

Why are BC municipalities paying such high salaries to their employees?

In a 20 minute interview (in English), BC director Jordan Bateman delves into the excessive salaries that BC cities are paying their employees. Jordan explains why it is happening and what can be done to stop it.

More problems with MP expenses

CTF Federal director Gregory Thomas comments on the RCMP investigation of expense claims of former NDP MP Manon Perreault. He said posting MP expenses online would eliminate may of these problems.

CTF exposes SaskPower's big reno plans

CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig releases information on SaskPower's renovation plans that include building an elaborate patio on the roof its Regina headquarters. The Saskatchewan government stops the patio development.

University of Regina receives a visit from the Debt Clock

The CTF's Debt Clock was set up at the University of Regina to show students the financial impact of the federal debt.

University of Regina students warned about government debt

Students at the University of Regina received a first hand look at the impact of government debt. Generation Screwed set up the CTF's debt clock at the university as part of its Debt Clock Campus tour.

BC taxpayers enraged by TransLink bonuses

TransLink's board chairman promised 2013 executve salaries would be frozen at 2012 levels. Well, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation discovered that wasn't true.

Concern about TransLink bonuses (Chinese)

TransLink's board chairman promised 2013 executve salaries would be frozen at 2012 levels. Well, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation discovered that wasn't true. (Chinese media)

Million dollar chief says he won't be returning any money

Ron Giesbrecht, chief of the Kwikwetlem First Nation in British Columbia, a band of just 81 members, says he will not be returning any of the $914,000 he earned last year as chief.

Fallout from $914,000 Chief salary

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation played a major role in exposing the excessive salaries Aboriginal Chiefs and councilors pay themselves. The latest involves a $914,000 salary paid a chief of an 81 member band.

Chief of 81 member band earned nearly $1 million last year

Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation in British Columbia earned a salary of $914,000 last year. The band has just 81 members, with only 35 living on the reserve. BC Director Jordan Bateman comments.

BC chief earned $914,000 salary last year

BC Director Jordan Bateman comments on news that a chief of Kwikwetlem First Nation, a band of only 81 people, earned a salary of $914,000 last year.

CTF continues push to have Senator and MP expenses posted online

CTF Federal Director comments on charges being laid against Senator Mike Duffy. He again calls for all expenses of MPs and Senators to be posted online.

$263 million spent on federal spin doctors (French)

French: CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas comments on information the CTF received via Access to Information showing the federal government is spending $263 million on spin doctors.

More TransLink Woes

TransLink is having major problems keeping its system operational. Instead of spending money to improve the system, BC Director Jordan Bateman says TransLink is spending money on bonuses and artwork.

Korean report on World Taxpayers Conference

This is a report on the World Taxpayers Conference by a Korean media outlet: The conference is put on by the World Taxpayers Associations. This year's conference, held in Vancouver May 29-31, was hosted by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. There were representatives from 45 organizations from 21 countries in attendance.
You have the power to change who influences politics in our country: big unions, big corporations and government-funded special interest groups can be challenged by the contributions of thousands of individual taxpayers who care to make a difference.


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