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Commuters already taxed too much

British Columbia Motorists facing congestion fees

CTF releases 2018 pre-budget recommendations

Alberta The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released its annual pre-budget report today, an in-depth set of recommendations that shows how the Alberta government could balance the budget by 2021-22 and work towards getting the economy back on track.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation launches campaign to end federal tax grab on liquor

Federal The Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched the No Escalator Tax campaign demanding the repeal of the federal government’s legislation that automatically raises taxes on beer, wine and spirits each year based on the rate of inflation.

SIGN PETITION: No Small Business Tax Hikes

Federal Minister Morneau’s proposals to change how business taxes apply to Canadian small businesses will mean a major tax hike for them.

Contre les hausses de taxes à Montréal

Au cours de la dernière campagne pour la mairie de Montréal, Valérie Plante s’est engagée à ne pas hausser les taxes plus rapidement que l’inflation. Malheureusement, lors de son premier budget, elle a brisé cette promesse. Sign the petition

Federal: Chop the meat tax

Canadians from coast to coast to coast already pay some of the highest taxes in the world and our meat producers abide by some of the toughest environmental rules on the planet. Sign the petition

Federal: No Money for Omar Khadr

Media are reporting that the federal government is preparing to offer Omar Khadr a $10 million compensation package paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Sign the petition

Federal: No Federal Carbon Tax

Your government’s plan to impose a “pan-Canadian carbon framework” – a carbon tax - on any province that refuses to do so itself will be an unfair hit to Canadian families, businesses and rural communities. Sign the petition

BC: Cut Vancouver housing taxes

British Columbia
Housing costs in the Lower Mainland are out of control. But more taxes are not the answer. Instead, you need to cut back the 37% of housing costs that go to government. Sign the petition

ON: Reverse the Beer Tax Hike

Beer in Ontario is already heavily taxed, and Kathleen Wynne’s plan to hike the tax by another $1 on a case of 24 will make beer even more expensive. Sign the petition

ON: Axe the Travel Tax

Flying is one of the most heavily taxed activities in Canada. Sign the petition

ON: No Cap & Trade Tax in Ontario!

Ontarians already pay some of the highest hydro prices in North America, and our energy rates continue to rise every year. Sign the petition

AB: No Tax Dollars for Pro Sports Arenas

Calgarians support their hockey team and arena voluntarily through ticket sales and concessions, not through taxes. The City of Calgary can support the construction of a new arena in many ways without asking taxpayers to open their wallets. Sign the petition

NB: Stop the New Brunswick Debt Clock

New Brunswick taxpayers have seen almost every tax and fee raised in an effort to balance the budget, yet the government is still spending hundreds of millions more than they are bringing in. Sign the petition

Federal: National Referendum on Abolishing the Senate

The Canadian Senate is neither elected nor accountable to Canadians. For nearly 20 years, politicians have dragged their feet on Senate reform. Sign the petition

Federal: Put Parliament's Expense Receipts Online

MPs and Senators should be transparent and accountable to taxpayers with how they spend taxpayers' money. Sign the petition

MB: Cut the PST

Petition to stop the Manitoba government from raising the PST. Sign the petition

Federal: Lower Gas Taxes & Dedicate Them to Roads

Require the federal government by law to continue dedicating all gas and diesel taxes to roads. Sign the petition

Federal: Balance the Federal Budget

The federal government has run deficits in 37 of the last 50 years, which has resulted in a federal debt of over $162 billion. This debt costs Canadians $26 billion dollars per year in interest payments alone. Sign the petition

Federal: Stop Bailing Out Government Employee Pension Plans

Federal, Saskatchewan
Taxpayers can't afford to keep paying billions of dollars each year to bailout government employee pension plans. Sign the petition

NS: Balance the Nova Scotia Budget

We the undersigned, demand the Nova Scotia government honor its commitment to balance the budget in 2013-14 Sign the petition

Sign Petition

Facebook Live

on December 01, 2017

Kevin Lacey - Moving On

Kevin Lacey - Moving On We Maritimers are lucky enough to live in the greatest little corner of the Earth. This place is worth fighting for. I hope more people will start to engage in the debate. Our future depends on it. Read More
on November 15, 2017

Report on Saddledome options

Report on Saddledome optionsWhat's the cost of fixing up the Saddledome? I still don't know, but the City of Calgary gave me a report that looks at turning it into a convention centre, recreation complex, etc... Read More
on October 05, 2017

Edmonton Election Survey (2017)

Edmonton Election Survey (2017)To help Edmonton taxpayers make informed decisions in the upcoming municipal election, we distributed a survey to candidates in mid-September, asking them about a variety of topics – this page includes candidates’ responses. Read More
on October 03, 2017

Calgary Election Survey (2017)

Calgary Election Survey (2017)To help Calgary taxpayers make informed decisions in the upcoming municipal election, we distributed a survey to candidates in mid-September, asking them about a variety of topics – this page includes candidates’ responses. Read More


Recent Media

CTF's 2018 pre-budget submission to the Otnario government

CTF Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn makes her 2018 pre-budget submission to the Ontario Government. She expressed concerns about government accounting practices that covers up the province's true financial picture and its gag law trying to shut down free speech.

Update on Trudeau's emissions favouritism

UPDATE on Prime Minister Trudeau's double standard when it comes to emissions from Bombardier, Ford and TransCanada.

BC's Translink demands a congestion tax for Vancouver

BC Director Kris Sims is encouraging motorists to push back on the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission recommendation proposing new taxes and tolls in the name of reducing traffic congestion. The panel created by Translink, and its working group are pushing for tolls at bridges and tunnels and a tax-per-kilometre for commuters

La Fédération canadienne des contribuables lance une pétition pour s'opposer aux hausses de taxes à Montréal

La Fédération canadienne des contribuables a lancé aujourd’hui une pétition pour s’opposer aux hausses de taxes de la nouvelle administration Plante à Montréal.

CTF calls on Winnipeg firefighter's union to pay back president's salary

After it was discovered Winnipeg taxpayers were paying 70% of the salary of the president of the firefighter's union, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation called on the city to rescind the agreement that allowed it and then said the union should pay back the money. Alex Forrest who serves as president of the United Firefighters of Winnipeg earns over $116,000 annually.

Will Trump tax cuts impact Saskatchewan?

CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick discusses the potential impact that Donald Trump's tax cuts could have on the Saskatchewan economy.

How big are Nova Scotia's tax cuts?

With Nova Scotia's Premier claiming the province's tax cuts are the largest in its history, CTF Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey provides a second opinion.

Alberta's carbon tax increases on Jan 1, 2018

Scott Hennig, CTF Vice President of Communications, discusses the 50% increase in Alberta's carbon tax that came into effect Jan 1, 2018.

Carbon tax increase in BC

CTF BC Director Kris Sims says the increase in BC's carbon tax on Jan 1, 2018 will cost between $5 to $10 on every gas fill-up. It will also result in increases in home heating and electricity costs.

Will Donald Trump's tax cut impact Canada?

CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick discusses the impact that the US tax cuts will have on Canada. Will the Trudeau government be able to respond?

Alberta's carbon tax increases 50% on Jan 1, 2018

CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig discusses what the 50% increase in the provincial carbon tax means for Albertans.

Carbon tax increase hitting Alberta on Jan 1, 2018

CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig says the carbon tax increase scheduled for Alberta on Jan 1, 2018 couldn't come at a worse time for the economy.

Alberta tax increases in 2018

CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig concerned about the carbon tax increase scheduled for Alberta on January 1, 2018.

CTF presently surprised by Québec tax cuts

CTF Québec Director Carl Valée called the Québec government's decision to cut taxes in 2018 a step in the right direction. However, the province still has a ways to go, because its taxes are still significantly higher than neighboring provinces. In Ontario a person earning $60,000 pays just $10,000 in taxes compared to $12,500 in Quebec.

The return of bracket creep in Saskatchewan

CTF Prairie Director Todd Mackay says the return of bracket creep in the 2017 Saskatchewan budget will result in some taxpayers paying higher taxes this next year.
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