Who we are

A citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. The CTF was founded in Saskatchewan in 1990 when the Association of Saskatchewan Taxpayers and the Resolution One Association of Alberta joined forces to create a national organization. Today, the CTF has 235,000 supporters nation-wide.

The CTF maintains a federal office in Ottawa and regional offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Prairie (SK and MB), Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic. Regional offices conduct research and advocacy activities specific to their provinces in addition to acting as regional organizers of Canada-wide initiatives.

CTF offices field hundreds of media interviews each month, hold press conferences and issue regular news releases, commentaries, online postings and publications to advocate on behalf of CTF supporters. CTF representatives speak at functions, make presentations to government, meet with politicians, and organize petition drives, events and campaigns to mobilize citizens to affect public policy change. Each week CTF offices send out Let’s Talk Taxes commentaries to more than 800 media outlets and personalities across Canada.

Any Canadian taxpayer committed to the CTF’s mission is welcome to join at no cost and receive issue and Action Updates. Financial supporters can additionally receive the CTF’s flagship publication The Taxpayer magazine published three times a year.

The CTF is independent of any institutional or partisan affiliations. All CTF staff, board and representatives are prohibited from holding a membership in any political party. In 2021-22 the CTF raised $5.2 million on the strength of 55,653 donations. Donations to the CTF are not deductible as a charitable contribution. The CTF does not accept foreign funding.

The 2020 Annual Report outlines what we accomplished last year

The CTF’s bylaws can be found HERE and our privacy statement can be found HERE.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

A citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government.

You have the power to change who influences politics in our country. Together we can stand up for individual taxpayers.

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  • Spokespeople

    With offices in Ottawa and six provinces, spokespeople for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation deal with important issues of concern to taxpayers both federally and provincially.

  • Our Staff

    The administration staff of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is based in Regina, Saskatchewan.

  • Board Members

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federations board of directors is a volunteer body that monitors and maintins the integrity of the organization's mission, conduct, strategic planning and finances.

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