• Aaron Wudrick

    Federal Director

    Aaron joined the CTF as Federal Director in 2014. A lawyer by training, Aaron practised litigation in his native Kitchener, Ontario, and then corporate law with a major international law firm in London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, before returning to Canada to work with a prominent political consulting firm.

  • Todd MacKay

    Prairie Director

    Todd joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as Prairie Director in 2015 with a background spanning newspaper reporting, government communications and pouring concrete.

  • Kris Sims

    British Columbia Director

    Born in the town of Hope and raised on both sides of the Strait of Georgia, Kris has been employed (and taxed) since she was 12 years old.

  • Franco Terrazzano

    Alberta Director

    Franco joins the CTF after working as an economic policy analyst with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and as a fellow with the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

  • Jasmine Moulton

    Ontario Director

    Jasmine joined the CTF as Interim Ontario Communications Director in May of 2019. Jasmine is a serial entrepreneur who built and sold two successful companies before the age of 30.

  • Renaud Brossard

    Quebec Director and Interim Atlantic Director

    A business graduate from École des sciences de la gestion at Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG UQAM), Renaud has always been drawn to politics. First getting involved in politics at the age of eighteen, he quickly left partisan politics, preferring to focus on getting his ideals implemented instead of simply getting some guy elected.

  • Kris Rondolo

    Generation Screwed Executive Director

    Kris’ family immigrated from the Philippines to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 2007. A few years later, her fight against big government and taxes all began when she opened her first paycheck.

Our Staff

  • Scott Hennig

    President and CEO

    A long-time CTF supporter, Scott worked as a speechwriter and public policy researcher before joining the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in 2005 as the Alberta director. He served as the CTF's Alberta director until 2012 when he was promoted to Vice President, Communications. He was appointed President and CEO on January 1, 2019.

  • Melanie Harvie

    Executive VP

    Melanie grew up in Flin Flon, Manitoba then moved to Winnipeg to attend Robertson College where she earned a diploma in Office Administration.

  • Todd MacKay

    VP Communications

    Todd joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as Prairie Director in 2015 with a background spanning newspaper reporting, government communications and pouring concrete.

  • Shannon Morrison

    Vice President of Operations

    Shannon Morrison, born and raised in Regina, has worked at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in the administration office since 1997. She serves as Vice President of Operations. Shannon started out in reception at the CTF and through her love of the CTF and its goals worked her way to her current position.

  • James Wood

    Investigative Journalist

    James joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as the CTF’s investigative journalist in 2019, after five years of working and managing in newsrooms across Canada.

  • Jeff Bowes

    Director of Digital Marketing

    Jeff joined the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in 2014 as the Research Director. He grew up in Perth, Ontario and moved to Ottawa to attend Carleton University. There he received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and worked with the CTF during the 2007 Ontario provincial election.

Board Members

  • Michelle Eaton

    Chair of the Board

    A communications and public affairs professional for close to 15 years. Michelle brings extensive leadership experience from both the public and private sectors.

  • Maxime Robert

    Board Member

    Originally from Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Max is a bilingual public affairs professional with nearly a decade of experience as a political staff and government relations advisor.

  • Sunira Chaudhri

    Board Member

    Sunira is a litigator and partner at Levitt LLP. She practices employment law and represents both employer and employees with respect to wrongful terminations, executive compensation issues, constructive dismissals, partnership disputes and human rights issues.

  • Ken Azzopardi

    Board Member

    Highly involved in volunteerism, Ken is former president of both the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO), and Regina’s Globe Theatre. Ken was also on the board of the World Taxpayers Association.

  • George Marshall

    Board Member

    George Marshall is the Chief Executive Officer for Service Hospitality. Service Hospitality works with the 6,000 employers in the Service & Hospitality Industries in Saskatchewan to reduce workplace injuries and the associated costs of those injuries.