Balance Alberta’s Budget

Would you rather see your tax dollars given to a bank in Toronto or used to fix a highway in Alberta?

Certainly, it’s the latter.

But when governments run up high debt levels, they have to give more of your tax dollars to banks to pay for debt interest costs, rather than on services you care about. This year alone, the government will spend $1.9 billion on interest costs ($445 per Albertan).

Rising government debt levels are also unfair for young kids – why should they have to pay for services they never received?

Those are just a couple reasons why it’s important for governments to balance their budgets.

But right now, Alberta’s debt is a runaway train.

Premier Notley has Alberta on pace to hit $96 billion in debt by 2023. The debt is currently going up over $345 every second or approx. $1.2 million every hour.

We need spending restraint as soon as possible. In fact, if Alberta merely spent at the same levels as British Columbia, we could balance our budget.

You can take action by doing the following:

1. Sign our petition to balance Alberta’s budget

2. Print up this flyer (click here) and post it on your bulletin board at work, share it with a friend or take a screenshot of it and post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Donate and help us continue to draw attention to this problem via newspaper columns, touring our Debt Clock, creating videos and other activities.