No Pipelines? No Equalization!

Quebec’s premier doesn’t want our “dirty energy,” but he’s happy to take your money. It’s not fair and we need your help to change it.

Quebec Premier François Legault says there is no social acceptability for more oil pipelines. He also says one of his favourite things about being in Canada is the $13 billion his province receives in equalization.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is launching a “No Pipelines? No EQUALIZATION!” campaign to show our politicians it’s time to take on the unfair equalization program.

First we want to put up a large ad on Highway 2 that says “No Pipelines? No EQUALIZATION!” It’s an important message, but it isn’t cheap. Click on the donate button below to help us get this message out.


Second, we have a petition asking Jason Kenney to take on the unfair equalization program. You can sign the petition by clicking the button below.