BC: Kwikwetlem's Millionaire Chief

Author: Jordan Bateman 2014/08/01

Yesterday morning, I spewed my coffee as I was working my way through 205 B.C. bands on the First Nations Financial Information Act website. Kwikwetlem chief Ron Giesbrecht, governing a community of 81 people - less than half of whom live on reserve - was paid more than $914,000 last year. And that's tax-free: the equivalent of $1.6 million off-reserve.

I tweeted the number and the media started digging. Turns out the chief was paid an $800,000 bonus for getting some provincial money for a land sale. Nonetheless, he pocketed $914,000 - in one year. Needless to say, it's outrageous.

Here's the CBC The National story:

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