Petition opposing tax dollars for luxury golf course airport currently over 15,000 signatures

Author: Paige MacPherson 25/07/2019
  • Wealthy Cabot Links golf course owners are demanding $18 million for an airport to shorten the one-hour commutes of their patrons
  • Premier Stephen McNeil, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal Minister Bernadette Jordan are considering this request
  • Canadian Taxpayers Federation petition has received over 15,000 Canadian signatures so far, including over 1,500 from Nova Scotia
  • Funding would come from fund dedicated to increased food security, health care and education for remote communities and First Nations

HALIFAX, NS: Today the Canadian Taxpayers Federation released the current signature count on its petition opposing tax dollars going toward a luxury golf course airport, showing a growing number of Canadians, including Nova Scotians, are opposed.

“It’s clear that as more and more Nova Scotians and Canadians are learning that Justin Trudeau and Stephen McNeil are considering wasting their tax dollars on a luxury golf course airport to scratch some wealthy business owners’ backs, they’re outraged,” said CTF Atlantic Director Paige MacPherson. “It’s time for these politicians to hear this message and say no to this insulting proposal.”

A large number of local voices have also been critical of using tax dollars to fund this airport: prominent business owners, local municipal leaders, the local MLA, the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce, environmental groups, the dean of the Cape Breton University business school, the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, and the operator of the nearby Port Hawkesbury airport who says using tax dollars for the proposed airport could put him out of business. Many of these opponents have said this will cost well over $18 million and carries huge risk for Canadian taxpayers.

“We’ve called on the owners of Cabot Links to show their business plan to taxpayers, from whom they’re demanding millions of dollars. The owners’ response to taxpayers was radio silence,” said MacPherson. “There’s a severe lack of transparency.

“The bottom line is that taxpayers can’t afford this. We need long-term care beds and road repairs, not corporate welfare. That's why more signatures are coming in every day.”

The CTF is encouraging anyone interested to sign the petition opposing tax dollars for luxury golf course airport. It can be found here: https://www.taxpayer.com/media/GolfCourseAirport.htm