ICBC rebates are too little too late

Author: 2021/02/02
  • Drivers in other provinces got rebates last spring
  • ICBC trying to douse dumpster fire using drivers’ money


VANCOUVER, B.C.: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is urging the British Columbia government to do more to help drivers save money on car insurance after ICBC finally announced rebates for drivers.

“We’re happy to see these rebates being given back to B.C. drivers, but this is too little too late,” said Kris Sims, B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “The government should take the next step now and release drivers from this government forced monopoly so they can shop around and save some money on car insurance.”

On Tuesday, Premier John Horgan announced the average B.C. driver will be getting $190 back in a rebate from ICBC in March, 2021.

During the COVID shut down, thousands of people have stayed home and off of the roads, reducing collisions. That saves insurance companies money.

While insurance companies in other provinces rebated those savings to their customers within weeks, ICBC did not. Drivers in other provinces got an average of $280 back last spring.

“It’s not fair for the B.C. government to have waited this long to give B.C. drivers their own money back,” said Sims. “ICBC is trying to use the money it saved during an unprecedented economic crisis to douse its dumpster fire.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling for the B.C. government to open ICBC up to competition so that drivers can shop around and choose their own insurance in order and save money.

The Taxpayers report making the case for insurance competition can be found HERE.


High res B-roll viz of the ICBC Dumpster Fire and its dousing can be found at this YouTube link:

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