Quebec taxpayers reimbursed Investissement Québec CEO Guy Leblanc $1,500 for a one-day car rental

Author: Renaud Brossard 2020/11/10
  • He could have rented two Ferraris for the same price.

MONTRÉAL, QC:  Documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation show Investissement Québec CEO Guy Leblanc billed Quebec taxpayers $1,546.75 to rent a car for a single day last year.

“Anyone who has ever rented a car knows it doesn’t cost $1,500 per day,” said CTF Quebec Director Renaud Brossard. “Guy Leblanc needs to reimburse taxpayers immediately for this ludicrous expense.”

The rented vehicle was used to transport Mr. Leblanc and three other passengers for a return trip between Montreal and Quebec City, on Oct. 9, 2019.

Unlike other provinces, Quebec’s access to information laws do not apply on receipts submitted along with expense claims, making it impossible to determine what car Mr. Leblanc rented. However, for an equivalent amount of money, Mr. Leblanc could have rented:

In its response to inquiries for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Investissement Québec justified the expense claiming it allowed the passengers to work in a confidential setting while traveling and save on accommodation costs.

“Quebecers expect their public servants to spend their tax dollars wisely,” said Brossard. “It’s an obvious lapse in judgment when a bureaucrat could have saved taxpayers’ money buy renting a Ferrari.”

As Investissement Québec’s CEO, Guy Leblanc had a base salary of $500,000 last year.

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