STATEMENT: Government wrong to silence debate on C-11

Author: Jay Goldberg 2022/06/14

TORONTO, ON: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Ontario Director Jay Goldberg released the following statement in response to the government’s move to end debate and invoke closure on Bill C-11:

“Governments should never unnecessarily rush legislation through the House of Commons, let alone legislation that could serve as a gateway to government censorship.

“The Liberals and the NDP decided to give only one day at committee for the consideration of amendments for Bill C-11, a bill that would impact what Canadians can say, see and listen to online.

“As University of Ottawa Professor Michael Geist has said, such an approach means MPs will be ‘voting on amendments with no understanding of what they’re even voting on.’

“The government shouldn’t be deciding what Canadians can say, see and listen to online. And the government definitely shouldn’t be rushing through legislation when experts are warning it could put fundamental freedoms at risk.

“The fight against government censorship will continue in the coming weeks as the Senate begins to consider Bill C-11.”