Taxpayers call on Chow to commit to pay freeze

Author: Jay Goldberg 2024/01/18

Toronto, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow to remove her $7,600 pay increase from Toronto’s 2024 budget after her office said in a press release that she doesn’t want a pay hike. 

“Taxpayers called on Chow to reject a pay increase this year because of the very difficult tax burden she’s planning to place on Toronto taxpayers,” said CTF Ontario Director Jay Goldberg. “Her office now says she doesn’t want a pay increase, but she hasn’t confirmed said she will take it out of the budget.” 

The budget presented by Chow’s budget chief, Councillor Shelley Carroll, includes a $7,600 pay increase for Chow. After the CTF called on Chow to reject the pay hike, Chow’s press secretary, Arianne Robinson, said: “The mayor did not request an increase, does not want one, and will determine how best to approach this issue as she works on her Feb. 1 budget.” 

“While Chow’s statement suggests she isn’t actively pursuing a pay increase, it doesn’t specifically say that she won’t take it,” said Goldberg. “Chow needs to specifically commit to taxpayers that she won’t take the pay hike.”

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