Taxpayers call on Nova Scotia MPs to vote to scrap the carbon tax on home heating

Author: Jay Goldberg 2023/11/02

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on all Nova Scotia MPs to vote in favour of a motion to remove the carbon tax from all home heating in a vote scheduled for next Monday.

“MP Kody Blois had the courage to vote in favour of extending the carbon tax exemption for farmers and now we need all MPs in Nova Scotia to take carbon taxes off of all home heating bills,” said CTF Interim Atlantic Director Jay Goldberg. “Taking carbon taxes off furnace oil is a good start, but all Canadians needs relief from carbon taxes on home heating.”

About 32 per cent of Nova Scotians use home heating oil.

The Trudeau government suspended the carbon tax on home heating oil for the next three years. That will save households that use heating oil an average of $272. However, just three per cent of Canadian households use heating oil to heat their homes. The carbon tax will remain in place on other forms of home heating.

Blois voted recently to take the carbon tax of fuels such as propane and natural gas for farmers. Nova Scotia’s other Liberal MPs, including housing minister Sean Fraser, voted to keep the carbon tax on farm fuel in place.

MPs will vote on another motion to take carbon taxes off all home heating on Monday.

“It’s time for all Nova Scotia MPs to stand up for their constituents the way Kelly Blois did for farmers,” said Goldberg. “Too many Canadians are barely getting by. Every MP should be voting to remove the carbon tax from home heating.”

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