Taxpayers Federation applauds Higgs government’s surplus announcement, calls for tax relief

Author: Jay Goldberg 2022/08/30

Fredericton, NB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is applauding the Higgs government for running a surplus in the 2021-22 fiscal year instead of a previously projected deficit.

“Today’s fiscal update is great news for taxpayers,” said CTF Interim Atlantic Director Jay Goldberg. “The Higgs government has balanced the books every year it has been in office, which means less debt for future generations and more room for taxpayers’ priorities.”

The Higgs government originally projected a deficit of $245 million for fiscal year 2021-22, but the province ended the year with a $488-million surplus.

The CTF is now calling on the Higgs government to cut taxes.

“With a surplus of nearly half a billion dollars, now is the time for the Higgs government to deliver on tax relief,” said Goldberg. “Provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Alberta have delivered tax relief at the pumps in the wake of soaring gas prices, and New Brunswick should do the same.”