Taxpayers Federation publishes Quebec prebudget recommendations

Author: Renaud Brossard 2021/01/21

MONTRÉAL, QC:  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released the prebudget submission it sent the government of Quebec earlier this morning.

“Quebec is facing two challenges: that of making sure government finances can be sustainable again and that of stimulating a recovering economy,” said CTF Quebec Director Renaud Brossard. “It is to help the government face those two challenges that we are releasing this list of recommendations today.”

Amongst the measures proposed by the CTF, there are:

  • Personal income tax cuts to boost household disposable incomes

“By lowering personal income tax rates, the government would give Quebecers the capacity to invest in and encourage their local economy,” said Brossard.

  • Replacing business subsidies with business tax cuts

“Economic recovery doesn’t depend on a few privileged industries, but rather on the economy as a whole,” said Brossard. “Replacing business subsidies with business tax cuts helps the entire economy grow, rather than a handful of privileged sectors.”

  • Reducing bureaucrats’ compensation by 15 per cent

“Quebecers’ ability to pay is not the same as it was prior to the pandemic,” said Brossard. “Spending on government employee compensation needs to reflect this new financial reality.”

The CTF’s proposals would reinject $7.5 billion in Quebec’s economy which would be made possible thanks to $11.3 billion in budgetary savings. This would reduce the province’s planned deficit for 2021-22 by $3.8 billion.

To consult the CTF’s prebudget submission, click here: http://www.taxpayer.com/media/QC%20Pr%C3%A9budget%202021-22%20-%20Renouer%20avec%20la%20prosp%C3%A9rit%C3%A9.pdf