Taxpayers Federation slams $1-million severance payout to former hospital CEO

Author: Jasmine Moulton 2021/01/12

Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021

Toronto, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Ontario Director, Jasmine Moulton, released the following statement regarding news that St. Joseph’s Health System’s former CEO, Dr. Thomas Stewart, could receive more than $1 million in severance after the board approved his Dominican Republic vacation:

“It’s outrageous that taxpayers could be on the hook for a $1-million severance bill due to bureaucratic incompetence.

“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Ontario government to launch a government-wide review of severance packages to ensure taxpayers aren’t stuck with more egregious bills when the board of a taxpayer-funded entity shows poor judgement like this in the future.

“The provincial government also needs to hold the St. Joseph’s Health System board accountable. The board obviously made a bad choice by approving its CEO’s beach vacation while the province urged Ontarians to stay home on the advice of health authorities. The board also showed bad judgement by signing off on a contract that included a million-dollar severance clause in the first place.”


Jasmine Moulton

Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

e. [email protected]

p. 416-573-5458